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Strike Ballot?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by lostkitten, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I joined the NUT after the summer ballot for strike (I'm an NQT), am I still allowed to go on strike even through I personally haven't voted?

    Also is it standard practice for your rep to ask you to let them know if you will be taking part in strike action?
  2. Yes
    Yes it seems to be. Mainly because there are certain groups of staff for whom striking can be detrimental eg, staff soon to retire or go on maternity so the reps tend to want to be aware of who is and who isn't. Our reps also tend to stronlgly suggestthat those in the union who choose not to strike without good reason donate their pay to the strike hardship fund or find another union that fits better with their personal ideals.
  3. As well as this they have to let the school know how many members will be taking action.
  4. Last year the school asked for us to let them know if we were striking or not. Nobody else asked, and you aren't required to let anyone else know unless you want to.
  5. Yeah, right!! They can go take a running jump and mind their own business. If you don't want to strike, you do not have to, if you belong to a striking union or not. No-one should be pressured into striking or parting with their money for a union!! (When union bosses are on £120/150k.) People might just not agree with the strike, for all sorts of reasons, but do NOT have to give up union membership and the legal cover it provides if they don't strike. That rep is far too pushy!
  6. Compassman

    Compassman Star commenter

    Are you a member of a union? If so then maybe you ought to look into the reason that unions exist?

    If you are a member of voice then fine.
  7. Are you 3 or are you Gove? Ill-informed, sour, resentful and whiny posts, poorly executed with little grasp of either education or union issues. What do you 'do' for a living exactly?
  8. Thanks for all the helpful comments. Not sure why someone decided to turn this into a strike/no strike thing, that wasn't the question. Just checking as someone said that you shouldn't inform the school if you are intending to strike.

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