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strike action in a nursery school

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by beachy, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Is anyone else going on strike next week? My striking would have no effect on the nursery as the staff/pupil ratio would be legal and the head who is a member of AHTL will be working in the nursery.
  2. Oh well...let everyone else fight your pension battle then. Go on, you go in! Enjoy your full wage packet and hopefully the pension rights your fellow union members will win for you.
    And then again, if you think you might feel the teensiest little bit guilty - DON'T GO IN!
  3. I work in a Nursery that is part of an infant school. I am the only teacher in Nursery, supported by 3 Nursery Nurses.
    I <u>AM</u> going on strike, despite being the only person in my school to choose to go on strike. Despite losing a day's pay, I feel that the issue of pensions is too important to ignore. I don't know how old you are now, but I don't mind sharing that I am 33 (and a half), and working in Nursery is particularly physically demanding. (by the way, I'm not trying to say that working in other age groups is less demanding - far from it!). Sometimes I wonder if I can carry on working until my 34th birthday, let alone my 60th. So for me to be faced with the prospect of working until I am 66 fills me with horror!!!
    I would also urge you to use the proforma's set out on your union webpage in order to email your MP in petition. If there are local rally's, I would also urge you to attend these.
    When my headteacher approached me this morning to say that it looked as though I was the only member of staff who was going on strike in the school, I didn't feel guilty. Instead I quite simply said that whilst I understand the inconvenience caused to the school, I felt too strongly about this issue.
    I also voted for strike action when balloted by my union.
  4. I am not in a union that is striking. At my school only one teacher is striking but her class will be covered by the Headteacher so really the effect of the teacher striking is nil. That is quite sad really. I do not think the head should cover. If all of the unions had balloted and voted to strike then it would be far more effective.
  5. Calm down starbelliedsneetch! Sorry I didn't make it clear but I am striking, but just really wanted to know if anyone else was in the position of their strike action having no real impact on the workplace.
  6. Yes, lots of people, but it is about a collective action having a resonance in the national conciousness and with the government and not about impacting on our schools or classes who, I'm guessing,most of us have no argument with.

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