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stressed of workload

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by opendoors, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. I had left teaching because of stress after first term appointment. But after thoughts of giving teaching another go, I registered with a supply agency which asked me to cover for 2 weeks as from February 2011. The agency then asked me if I was willing to accept a long term temporary position saying 'the school likes you'. I clearly told the agency that I wasn't interested in a long term position as I needed 'to take it easy'. Well, the agency, would I say, sort of threatened me like 'are u aware many experienced teachers are struggling to get at least a day supply assignment ... are you sure you are turning down this opportunity'. In other words, the agency was saying if you don't take up this position don't complain if we do not get you any day to day jobs. I have rent, motor insurance, bills to pay ... what else can I do? afterall, 4 other agencies I registered with never called.
    Now that am settling down, am finding myself yet again leaving home very early morning and leaving work very late everyday {taking work home every evening and weekend}. My fiancee is feeling the pressure on me yet again we are sort of drifting apart slowly.
    I hardly have a TA, meaning planning burdens, no proper limits on hours worked on top of directed time, displays and you name it...
    I want out but 'where to ...'?

  2. It seems like you're in a very difficult situation. Opendoors, I would advise you to go with what your heart says. If you feel that you can cope with it for the next few weeks then go for it, but if you feel that you find it difficult and are having personal problems then I would advise you to speak to a consultant from your agency and explain the situation.
    I wish I could have given you a straight answer but I cannot.
    All the best,

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