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Stress at work

Discussion in 'Primary' started by w1707401, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. w1707401

    w1707401 New commenter

    Calling all teachers,

    Have you ever felt stressed because of work? Have you ever felt emotionally exhausted because of your job? I am currently writing my dissertation for my Human Resource Management MA degree from University of Westminster about occupational stress and burnout among UK teachers, looking at factors causing stress and the support systems to reduce stress in your workplace. It would be of great help if you would spare 5-10 minutes answering a questionnaire.

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  2. cassiedogrip

    cassiedogrip New commenter

  3. cassiedogrip

    cassiedogrip New commenter

    Just check out the various threads in the 'Retirement' section...
    You'll get ALL of your answers there. Just be careful that you don't go over your word limit because of the deluge of information!
    I recently started one: Retiring at Christmas 2019.

    Study the threads closely, especially the ones whose titles catch your eye, read between the lines, I.e.; where you assume that someone is being sarcastic or overly negative - they probably aren't ... It's just that the current state of teaching is such that it creates this kind of attitude and humour.
    Good, luck, you'll probably get an A* or whatever a top grade at masters level is now known as.

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