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Strathclyde PGDE

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by ernm, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I had an interview for Strathclyde PGDE English on 27th January. The interviewer explicitly said that he would be sending all the detail to GTTR as soon as possible and if we hadn't heard within 10 days then we should phone him. Well, it's been two weeks. I tried phoning but no-one answered. I emailed and no-one replied. Any advice?
  2. Gttr has gone down apparently. But answers should be coming tomorrow. (Don't hold me to that.) I would think about phoning though....
  3. The wonders of gttr. Phoned and they said start of next week. Fingers crossed!
  4. If you hadn't heard within ten days, phone him - does that mean he guaranteed a reply to you on the tenth day? And do you expect the ten days to include weekends, or, as is normally the case, does ten days refer to ten WOIRKING days? In actual fact, it has only been ELEVEN working days since your interview.
    I understand your anxiety, but you are being somewhat unreasonable. You will be informed, I am sure, in the next few days.
  5. He did say 10 days as opposed to 10 working days. I was told that I would find out by today so glued to gttr. Hopefully it will be up today!
  6. Hi ernm,
    I was at the morning interviews on the 27th and the guy definately said within ten days. I've emailed him a couple of times and had no response either. Don't know if I can bear to look at the gttr website again as it's too frustrating! [​IMG]
  7. I won't have minded but it's the fact that he definitely said 10 days and then said if you haven't heard contact me. I phoned Strathclyde on Thursday and they said they had just sent the information to GTTR so I would find out by Monday at the latest. So when I hadn't heard by Tuesday night I phoned GTTR who said they hadn't received anything and the woman on the phone actually said 'I think they are just fobbing you off.'
    Don't really know what to do. Don't see the point on phoning the university again. But at least I know that it isn't just me. Fingers crossed that we both find out soon!
  8. What were you interviewed for?
    And no-one is "fobbing you off". For all you know, the person you are trying to contact may be off campus doing student visits in school - or may be on a life support machine in hospital.
  9. That's just what the GTTR woman said to me. Personally I did think this was a bit strange and slightly harsh but those were her exact words.
    I was interviewed for PGDE English Secondary. Just want to know so that if I haven't got in then I can move onto my 2nd choice. Thought that's probably full by now!
  10. Spoke to GTTR woman today and she said they had received nothing from strathclyde so I have tried phoning them but like you have had no response! If I eventually get an answer from one of them I'll whap on here and let you know!
  11. I got a response from Strathclyde! The woman said that she couldn't tell me how long it would take and that I would have to keep checking. She also said she couldn't tell me if I've been accepted or not. She said something along the lines of they've been sent to registry who will send them to GTTR but she doesn't know how long it will take them to process them.
    So basically we are going to be living on GTTR until it changes!
  12. I got an email from gttr! Logged in and got an unconditional for secondary english at Strathclyde. So happy! Can't wait to start - wish it was August! Go on to gttr they should all be online. Good luck!
  13. Just checked mine but was unsuccessful this time which is a bit of a bummer! Hope you all got through!

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