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Strathclyde PGDE students

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by ailee85, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. ailee85

    ailee85 New commenter

    Good to see I'm normal with the double checking then.
    What PGDE is everyone doing? I am PGDE Secondary History. Not seen much mention of PGDE Secondary on forums.
    Very excited though, wish it was August already.
  2. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    The course handbook for the 2010/11 session is still on their website - I've been using it as a rough guide to plan summer holidays before I start (and also resignation dates....)
    PGDE Secondary - Modern Studies for me!
  3. Hey, I've just joined TES just saw this. I've been accepted onto the course, due to start next week. I'm WELL looking forward to the experience. I'll be studying PGDE Physics with Science, anyone here on the same course??
  4. trout-mad

    trout-mad New commenter

    I'm starting PGDE Chemistry with Science so I'll be in some of your classes. I'm really looking forward to it but not looking forward to my drive from fife every day. I'll be the one sleeping under the desk.
  5. Fife?! That looks a long way. I'm sure I'll get an appreciation for distances when I finally get to Scotland - never been before but looking forward. I'm due to fly up on Monday, I have no idea about placements/timetables or anything atm. Do you know if you're allowed to ask for placements in certain areas? I thought I saw somewhere on their website that you can express interest to be in some places. Are you from Fife?
  6. trout-mad

    trout-mad New commenter

    It is a long way about 110 miles round trip I think. I live in Kirkcaldy. I'm kind of in denial about the traveling. I'll just have to man up and take it. I was sent a form a while back where I could request areas and even schools for placements. But it had to be back in for the 15th. I just hope I get somewhere local!
  7. Just reading this post and am now a wee bit worried as I didn't get any letter through to request areas for school placements. I'm wondering if its because you live so far away from the uni? Did anyone else get such a letter? I hope I haven't missed out and end up miles away from home!
  8. I'm Physics with Science too :)
    I'll also be doing an unhealthy amount of driving :( I'm travelling through from Edinburgh every day.
    See you Thursday to pick up cards or next Monday when we start!!!
  9. Erm, yes it has been a while... (!) ...I did Mechanical Engineering and graduated in 1999.
    I've asked to be placed close to home (Edinburgh city, Mid / East / West Lothian). Looking forward to finding out where will be going!
    Aye, the bank hols are always a bit different, drives my folks bonkers when they're planning visits!
    See you Monday! C
  10. Hey guys,
    Just a separate message regarding accomodation. I've been offered one place (registered for it) but want to explore alternatives. Strathclyde mentioned Collegelands but at £100 a week for 43 weeks is just too expensive for me. Uni accomodation is much cheaper, but I'm concerned that I assume that most people, as they've chosen to study in scotland rather than england or wales, will live locally and therefore won't live in halls, therefore I'm going to have a hard time mixing? Apparently there's a lot of Canadians in the halls, could be a good thing, but just exploring other ideas atm. Does anyone know of other good agencies/rooms or any advice? Cheers.

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