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Strathclyde PGDE Secondary - Unconditional :)

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by MissHopefull, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Just received an unconditional from Strathclyde for Secondary PGDE (Biology)... I'm sooo excited! Anyone else going in August? Would be good to get to know a few people first.... even if it is virtually ;)
  2. Hi MissHopeful

    I also recieved an unconditional offer for PGDE Biology August i am waaayyyy too excited! When did you interview?

    Kelly xx
  3. Hi Kelly - Congrats :) My interview was on Monday 16th... when was yours? Were we both at the same interview? Would be great to recognise a face on the first day ;)
  4. Thanks v.much. Mine was 19th December so unfortunately our paths would not have crossed but I guess we can look out for each other when we start. I truely cannot wait to get started. It cant come quick enough.

    Kel x
  5. Not to worry! I'll PM you my email address and if I come across any info about the course I will email you. I'm really looking forward to it, although nervous also!. Need to try and get as much teaching in as I can before August lol!

  6. Hi Miss Hopeful,
    Wondered whether you could give me some advice. I have just heard I haven't got a place on the PGDE Biology course at Strathclyde. I am really disappointed as I thought the interview had went well and have spent a lot of time doing voluntary stuff and visiting schools to get experience.
    Would you mind telling me how much schools experience you have and if there was anything you felt really helped you get a place. I really need to decide whether I just need to persevere, get even more experience and reapply or if teaching is just not for me. :-(
    Thanks for your help,
  7. Hey,

    I've applied for secondary biology this year and have an interview soon and was wondering if all their offers are unconditional or if that's just for some people or for people who have already finished their undergrad degree? Would mine be conditional since I don't graduate until June, do you think?

  8. Hey Emma, I'd assume you would receive a Conditional offer if you were successful during the interview process. Once you graduate, you would presumably send the university a scanned copy of your degree scroll as well as your degree transcript (you'd need to actually apply for this yourself from your university as it isn't generally sent out) and your offer would change to an Unconditional. When is your interview? I have mine for secondary computing at Glasgow on the 18th of December! :)
  9. Hey, ok cool thanks, and mine's the 17th
  10. Hello, this is mainly in response to MissHopefull,
    I am applying for Secondary English and still haven't heard anything, I am applying through the gttr website I assume everyone does the same thing? Also I noticed you asked whether someone had applied late .. I wasn't aware there was a cut off date. I sent my application about 2 or 3 weeks ago, don't really know if i should have heard by now. Anyone who can help me out with any answers I would really appreciate it. I am so nervous it's ridiculous. Thanks guys!
  11. Emma how'd you get on? sorry I was a bit late with the reply.
  12. C-F, I wouldn't worry too much, the later you hand you application in the longer it'll take for them to get back to you but you wont have missed out as there are interviews in Dec and then more in Feb and again in May/June/July. Either way you will find out soon so don't worry too much and good luck

  13. crossed fingers did you hear anything about PDGE English yet? they are interviewing this week and next week i think.

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