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Strathclyde PGDE Secondary History. Tips, Hints and Advice ?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by ailee85, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. ailee85

    ailee85 New commenter

    Hi all,
    Have an interview with Strathclyde on the 19th January, expected to do a five min. presentation on 'Why teach History'.
    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions, tips or advice on the interview process for strathclyde or are in the same boat as me and just thinking. AAAAHH!
  2. Not had any time to do stuff for this damn interview, it's come around so much quicker than I thought! Started a new job so really busy with that, then went through to Edinburgh for my primary school experience on Thursday, catching the cold off my girlfriend, working tonight and tmrw, and then Mon, Tues, argh!
    I can only take solace in that most of my best work is done the night before, here's hoping the same happens again. I am 1984 so I'm glad there is someone around my age, I was thinking a lot of the people applying will be in their final year/straight outta <strike>Compton</strike> Uni.
  3. ailee85

    ailee85 New commenter

    Excellent another night beforer :D Been in a similiar position with commitments.yeah so far its seems to be only you and I who have mentioned the 19th or history PGDE at all, you think perhaps thats all thats applied?! (fingers crossing).
    Its just trying to come up with a presentation thats stumping me, oh and potential questions they might ask and going through lots of info and wondering about how much we are expected to know ( oh so that would be stumped about everything then). I believe previous to this no one got given the same topic. Though having read that letter about million times as if looking for some sort of sign, I saw that theres only 45 mins for the presentations so I'm guessing we will get split into groups perhaps. AArgh who knows. Atleast there's no extra stress of putting together a power point presentation. Hope the cold isn't that bad. Best of luck with it.
  4. thanks Ailee, it's not too bad, just trying my best to keep it under control.
    Yeah, the presentation I'm not too worried about, I mean, I am, but not as much as the actual interview, because like you said, I'm not sure how much we're supposed to know and stuff like that. Been reading up today on stuff, this is interesting for example. I'm guessing they'll go with questions on why we want to teach, if we understand the current CofE and its implications for History, and what we would contribute if we were to become teachers.
    Think we may be split into groups, but it seems strange that we're going to be each giving essentially the same presentation to one another, shirley whoever goes first is at a disadvantage (or is it the other way round!)
    Like you, surprised I've not seen more people mention the date, had a look on a couple of other forums too.
  5. adding the finishing touches to my presentation after being up all night (how I miss being a student).
    Anyway, just wanted to say best of luck tmrw Ailee, maybe we will meet, either way, hope it goes well for you!
  6. got offered an unconditional this morning, hope you're also one of the lucky ones!
  7. ailee85

    ailee85 New commenter

    Awesome news. Me too! Congratulations. Can't quite believe i got in.
  8. Hi guys,
    Congratulations on being accepted, I have my interview for History at Strathclyde on monday.
    I was wondering if you had any tips for the interview? Like yourselves I feel ok about the presentation but not entirely sure what to expect for the interview.
    I'm thinking of reading up on the curriculum for excellence, but was wondering if you had any tips for what specifically to read up on.
  9. What this guy said!

    Give us some advice

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