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Strathclyde PGDE Primary Entry 2011 - Offers received?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gillhopkins86, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hi I had my interview for PGDE Primary Teaching last Thursday (4th Feb). I know the course leader say some of us may hear this week. Has anyone had any offers received through Track? I have been checking every day but not had any updates as yet...

    Thanks xx
  2. I heard that Id received an unconditional offer! i was told that the info was being sent to the registry on Wed 16th but it may take a few more days before they appear on track. hope this helps- good luck :)
  3. How did you hear if not through track?? Thank you xx
  4. I contacted admin at Jordanhill who were able to check my status. I was told it can take several days for track to be updated.
  5. Has anyone received either conditional or unconditional offer for pgde strathclyde as at
    sat 19th feb VIA TRACK ON GTTR WEBSITE?
  6. No did you receive an offer?
  7. Hi Jess, did you phone admin? Well done on your unconditional offer
  8. Out of interest is there many people applying this year for a second time and received
    offer this year?


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