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Strathclyde PGDE Primary Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by hprimrose, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Ally- yeah you could send a letter or give them a phone. I already had an Enhanced Disclosure as I do tutoring work as well but you would get one from the eduaction department for the council. The head teacher from the school you volunteer in should be able to give you the contact details though!
  2. Ally, I approached my old primary school when I was looking into getting some classroom experience. The head teacher was still the same as when I had attended so she knew me and thats how I got in.
    A few months ago I tried to get some experience in ASL schools after having worked at a special needs summer camp in America last summer and just emailed all the schools I could find that where either specialised or had specialised units within them. I got a few replies back and went for a meeting with one of the heads. I was offered a day per week but in the end had to cancel the arrangement as my dissertation is literally taking over my life just now!
    Have a look here for a list of schools and email addresses for the heads: http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/en/Residents/GoingtoSchool/Primary/Schools/
    As for the Enhanced disclosure I believe it used to be that you could just do one for yourself i.e. go down to Wheatly house (I think thats what its called) just off georges square in Glasgow and fill out the application but I believe thats changed now and its the person that wants the disclousre done on you that has to request it so either the headteacher or LA that you want to volunteer in. I'm not sure this is right, this is just what someone has told me. I've always had disclosures given to me by other people and they have handled the rest.

  3. Hi Ally, I think I'm probably up therewith you as one of the oldest on this forum at 39.
    I'm delightedthat I have received an unconditionaloffer from Strathclyde & was totally expecting to be declined. I have worked for almost 20 years in the financial sector but when I looked at it managing staff wasn't hugely different from leading a classroom.
    I have had circa 50 reportees at work who I have to manage their daily workloads, differentiate them on ability & either try to stretch their performance or offer additional support to achieving targets. I have to keep records of their performance & provide regular feedback to them. I haven't had a great amount of classroom experience although I did spend approx a week at my son's school. I think what was important was that I was able to demonstrate that the skills I had were transferable & how I would use them with children rather than adults & I also emphasised that my life skills would benefit the school. Don't undervalue what you have. They're not expecting fully rounded teachers to apply!
    Good luck for those still to be interviewed in March. I didn't memtion much about CfE or AifL in my interview. I talked about challenges around time management as monitoring individual learning plans & providing feedback is very time consuming.
  4. Hi dalykm...................very interesting. Sounds like we do the same job but in different sectors.
    I tried to use my life skills and my transferable skills as leverage but felt my lack of classroom experience showed when I gave less than good answers to "Explain what needs to be arranged in a classroom for a full day" and "What issues do teachers have with CfE?".
    Apart from that my biggest failing was annoying the Interviewer since I tried to fit all my many experiences into a 15 min interview and it came across as rambling. I have to laugh, although its not really funny, when the Interviewer said "Do you have any questions, anything to say that's burning - WITHOUT MAKING A SPEACH !!!!! "
    So I'd say my interview technique needs fine tuned for a 15 min interview and I'll need to rely on the Personal Statement to convey my life experience. Also need to become more aware of the current classroom situation. As I said before, I have not stepped into a primary school since 1981 when I was 11 years old and leaving for the "big school".
    Fact is, believe it or not I would've very probably had to turn down a place this year anyway since I'm not being allowed to leave my work with my redundancy money until November. With 13 years service that's too much money to allow me to resign without the redundancy. I'm hopeful my long standing wish to become a teacher will be kick started in August 2011
  5. Ally - I would phone round some of the schools and ask them if you can volunteer. Most schools love people coming in. I also suspect that it was your lack of classroom experience and nothing else that let you down - get that under your belt and you will be top of the list next year with all your other experiences. Good Luck
  6. Ally, as a fellow oldie (35) it looks like I will be joining you in applying next year. You are right when you say it's disheartening but everything happens for a reason. At least you will get your well deserved redundancy money and it will give you time to get some classroom experience.
    I volunteer once a week in my kids school and nursery and work the rest of the time as a childminder and help run a play group once a week too. Although none of this helped me to get an interview, the Uni have told me they would welcome my application again next year with some further experience.
    I just spoke to the head teacher about volunteering, as a childminder I already had enhanced disclosure but if you are volunteering, you will never be on your own with the kids and it's up to the school to get a disclosure done on you. I believe it's the same when we all eventually start working as teachers too!
    Good luck with it all.
  7. One week tomorrow till my interview and I already feel sick with nerves!
  8. Same...Im one week today and so nervous!!
  9. I promise the interview is not that bad, the interviewers are really nice and it doesn't last long.

    Have you been buying the TESS? That helps give up to date info on issues facing teachers- a question which most people seem to have been asked.

    Good luck!
  10. Yes I've been buying the TESS and I think it will be really helpful. I'm just not sure which issue to pick, there are so many at the moment it seems. Which area fo you talk about?
  11. I just mentioned briefly the obvious which is the job situation then I talked about disruptive behaviour and the difficulties that would cause in the classroom and finished off by talking about possible difficulties with NQT's going into a school with older, more experienced teachers and being enthusiastic about the CfE when the other teachers may be used to their way of doing things.
    Hope that helps!

  12. Hi Amanda,
    Try not to be nervous for the interview (i know its easier said than done) but trust me, the interviewers are really nice.
    I've been offered a place on the course and im over the moon! [​IMG]
    I got asked : what challenges do you think teachers face today?
    I didnt pinpoint specific issues, i spoke about a curriculum for excellence as a whole and how teachers should be seeking to ensure effective use of acfe and in developing pupils through the four capacities: effective contributors, responsible citizens, successful learners & confident individuals.
    I also spoke about tailoring lessons to make sure the needs of each individual child are being met, i also spoke about integrating ICT into the classroom and making sure lessons are varied with a wide range of learning resources. Then i gave an example by mentioning Interactive white boards and GLOW and how i felt confident about using these tools.
    I mentioned briefly about developing and delivering lessons whilst considering cultural differences within the classroom. I cant remember what else i said for this question, but when i left the room, i was wishing that i spoke a bit more about inclusion and equal opportunities within the classroom.
    After i spoke about the challenges that i think teachers face today, i then mentioned my attitude towards facing these challenges and that i am always keen to develop my own skills and abilities through CPD.

    Good luck for you interview! any more questions that you think i might be able to help with, just ask.

  13. Thanks Claire! Thats really helpful. Glad you got a place confirmed, I just hope I get to join you.

  14. Three more sleeps till my interview.....nerves are kicking in now
    good luck on tue everyone who's joining me!!
  15. I've my interview on Tuesday at 1 - is that the time of my actual 15 min interview or the time of the presentation on the course??? ! I'm flying over from Ireland early that morning and back home that evening - I am just sick with nerves!!!

    Best of Luck everyone!!!


  16. Hi Ruby, I had my interview in Feb. The 1pm will be your time for registration, as far as I could tell the individual times were allocated first come first served within their groups. So I got there 10mins before 9am (my allocated time) and my interview wasn't until about 11:15/20. So get there as early as comfortable and you should get one of the first slots.
  17. I arrived at 12.30pm for the 1pm presentation and my Interview slot was already written out along with my Interviewer's name............................the last interview of the day is 3.10pm and the 15 min time is very strictly adhered to (see my earlier postings). So you'll be out by 3.30pm at the latest and could be in Jordanhill train station for 3.40pm easy.
    Good luck to all......................stop talking about "nerves" and tell yourselves its "adrenalin" which is more positive
  18. Thanks - Im on a tight schedule with my flights and everything!!! "Nerves" or "Adrenalin" -whatever they are they better disappear before tomorrow or I'll not be fit to fly!! I've never even been to Glasgow before!
  19. Ruby_Tuesday
    Welcome to Glasgow[​IMG] Where are you flying from?
    Just a wee [​IMG]You will be fine Good Luck as you will be a [*]
  20. Hi Holly,

    I was just wondering how you answered the question on how you would organise the classroom?!...



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