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Strathclyde PGDE Primary Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by hprimrose, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Yip any tips from those that got accepted would be much appreciated :)
  2. Hi everyone

    I have classroom experience as my Uni course involved 2 six week placements and I volunteered in a school for a year but this was all last year as I'm in the middle of writing my dissertation and don't have time this year. It said on applying for the course that it doesn't matter how much classroom experience you have or when it was it just matters what you took from it- I guess because someone could work in a school for ages but not learn anything. Does that help? Feel it doesn't really, I you want to ask me anything else I can try to help.
  3. *Sorry IF you want to ask me anything else I can try to help!!
  4. Hey, the only tip I would give for the interview is make sure you talk about CfE and AiFL. I wasn't asked any specific questions about this but made sure I related most of my answers back to it. For example when I was asked why I wanted to be a teacher, I said that I was really excited about CfE being used in schools and talked about the four capacities and their link with AiFL. A few people I spoke to after the interview said they never spoke about this because they never got any specific questions on it but I would strongly advise you to try and mention this in most of your answers. Other than that just try and be relaxed and let your personality shine through.
    In regards to experience I have been going into a school for a few hours a week for the past four years as I originally tried to get into the BED course and continued my voluntary work after that. Although I think this experience will have looked good for me, I think what beckilou said is right in that it is what you can show you have taken from the experience and give them good examples of you seeing the CfE and AiFL in action.
    Good luck to everyone who is still to have their interview and hope this helps a bit.
  5. I didnt get a place :(

    Really dont know what to do. Thought the interview went well, obviously not.
  6. I know how you feel Michael..........for me the most frustrating part is not being able to get feedback. With feedback it gives us something to chew over and do something about. Just need to go with our instinct about what went wrong.
  7. Hi Ally & Michael. I am so sorry to hear that you were not successful. I have not heard either way which was really upsetting me last night but now I am taking it that it is neither a yes or a no. It hasn't stopped me checking my GTTR status pretty much every hour!! I guess now though I am in the maybe bundle and will have to wait until the next round of interviews are over. My interview was not great so don't hold out a lot of hope. Like you both, some sort of feedback would be good as I am sure we will all apply again next year. As I am 35 this year I am also concerned about my age. Have a large glass of wine tonight and be pleased that you got to the interview stage in such a difficult year. Oh, and can you remind me of this when I also get a no! x
  8. I cant believe people have already already!!My gttr still says stop. Well done everyone that got in [​IMG]
  9. Ally & Micheal, I'm sorry to hear aboutyou not getting a place think this really is the most difficult year to get in! Will you get any feedback at all?I don't have my interview untill March and the wait is awful! If you don't mind me asking what type of experience do you have?
    I know the competition is tough and I just want to get an idea if I stand a chance?
  10. Sorry to hear about the people who didn't get in - I hope that something comes up for you all soon, and well done to everyone who was successful.
    For the people who don't yet know, I thought it might be of interest to let you know that my offer on GTTR had to be accepted by 10 March. If I remember correctly this is the day prior to the next round of interviews?

  11. appleit thats good to know but my interview for Strathclyde is on the 9th March so guess they will take into consideration the spaces taken before any more offers are made.
  12. Charlene
    Ah, that makes sense. Good luck with your interview.

  13. Someone requested my experience overview...........it would also be helpful if other unsuccessful and successful applicants gave their experience overview for those of us applying next year againg:
    I'm 40 and have lots of experience through Uni, work and hobbies around the curriculum subjects. I've been in Production Management for 13 years with circa 50 reportees. I daily coach, train and motivate me teams. I've been involved in some youth football teams, childrens camp in USA and a few other minor bits 'n' bobs.
    I believe my downfall if I blabbered on too much in the interview (poor communication), I've not been in a primary school since 1981 and I failed to convince the interviewers that I really wanted to teach Primary children as opposed to secondary.
    I will off course try to remedy these shortcomings between now and next Feb. but as I say, if anyone else wants to provide their experience and hence give an indication of why they were successful / unsuccessful it would be helpful.
  14. Hi Imckenzie! Was just reading your post there and my gttr also says 'stop'. I was pretty upset last night about it but i suppose no news yet is good news! I'm guessing they've let the very strong candidates know and the 'stop' applicants will get compared with the applicants being interviewed in March? Do you think this my make sense? Although I think it's wierd having interviews so far apart from one another!
  15. Thanks Ally
    As you said it is helpful to get an idea of what experience others have who were unsuccessful and successful. It sounds like you have life experience which I think is useful when teaching children. I have been working in residential children's homes for 5 years now and 2 before this working with vulnerable families. I trained in nursery but it has been about 6-7years since I last worked in one. I did volunteer in a school for 3 months but it was in 2003. I also worked in children's camps for a summer abroad.
    Although I have a bit of a variety I am really concerned I do not have recent classroom experience and that this holds me back
  16. Nothing has changed when I log onto GTTR - still says last updated when I got my interview date. How do people know about dates when they should be notified etc - have I missed something? x
  17. Yeah I think thats probably it. We must be in the maybe pile or something which is better than a straight out no i guess! Although after waiting so long its going to be even worse if they turn around and say no!! It is a bit wierd though, I thought they would leave them all until march to decide. Just have to keep our fingers crossed!!
  18. Hey Ally, I'm more than willing to put down my experience but am aware that I don't know what appealed to the panel and what might not have been.
    I trained as an actor and have been working in 'theatre in education' for nearly 10 years. I've done numerous drama workshops with children between 5 & 16. I have also been volunteering one day a week at a local primary.
    In my interview I had to convince that I wanted to work in a school and not just in a drama/theatre setting. A couple of times I paused and then said thats all I can think of now, I don't think I waffled much, but once when I noticed it I thought about the question and tied in what I'd just said to the question at hand.
    I'm not sure how much help this truly is...I am very aware that a lot of good candidates are going to miss out and I am extremely lucky on top of my experience to get a place. I am delighted it has to be said. Just so you know my space won't be wasted ;)
  19. well done goingforgold i'm sure your classroom will be a fun one with your experience. I am starting to think I should have tried to do some volunteering in a local primary school as this seems to be an emerging theme from successful aplicants.
    I have taken on board all the advice I have been given, I will give what I can and hope for the best.
  20. As probably the oldest on this forum I'd like to force my thoughts on you all and point out to those who got knocked back and those who might get the horrible knock back soon that the world has not ended.
    Take it from someone who has been made redundant twice, felt the pain and worry of that and lived to tell the tale.................getting rejected from a PGDE this year is not the end of the world. As like my two redundancies, sometimes bad news turns out to be a good thing. First redundancy led me to Uni, second will lead me to Teaching (fingers crossed for next year). Maybe the extra year will give us all some more time to prepare, get ready, chill out and the like. Another year is not a big deal really.
    Obviously today I'm thinking straighter. Last night I was a mess. Tonight I'm fine. It ain't the end of the world and it ain't the most important thing.
    Now those of you who have got smiles on your faces enjoy the moment and the very best of luck to you all. Just look after the place for the rest of us who will be there next year:)

    Also, can someone please point me in the right direction for organising some weekly work in a primary school. Do I send a letter to the Headteacher of the local primary? How do I get my Enhanced Disclosure Scotland to allow me access to a school?

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