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Strathclyde PGDE Primary Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by hprimrose, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. OH my god. Mine too. I'm in woop woop!!!
  2. Me too! Big wishes for everyone waiting to hear x
  3. good luck every1 xx
  4. Oh congrats guys!!!
    Although I'm a bit scared that they have started giving places without finishing the interviews :(
  5. I am sure they will be saving at least half till everyone is interviewed, but I obviously dont know for sure. They did say most of us wouldn't hear till then.

  6. Yahoo! I just noticed tonight that I've been offered an unconditional place on the course [​IMG] Good luck to everyone - fingers crossed.
  7. I'm in too, thank goodness.
    Good luck everyone. [​IMG]
  8. I'm in too!!!!!! Good Luck everyone!!

  9. Just found out I've been given a conditional offer if I complete my degree so I'm delighted.
    Well done everyone else and good luck to those who have not heard back yet.[​IMG]
  10. I'm UNSUCCESSFUL. Devastated. 2nd choice Glasgow shows FULL.
  11. Ally592
    I'm really sorry, I will keep everything crossed that you get somewhere
    beckilou x
  12. Well done everyone on getting in! I've still not heard anything :( I'm so worried! I'm jelous you are all out your misery! Anyone else still waiting? Mine still says 'stop' :(
  13. Well I hope you get in because the alternative is tough to take. Devastating for me really.
    You might want to hit some buttons on the GTTR as it wasn't immediately obvious to me.
  14. Hey,
    Sorry to hear u didnt get in, I know this wont be of much help but i was unsuccessful last year and tried again this year. is this the first time u applied? xx
  15. Yes, first time but I'm 40 so don't have too much time to lose a year. Also need to try and work out if there's something I can do between now and next year or if there's something fundamentally wrong that'll wipe me out next year too. Definitely tought to take which proves to myself that I really do want to teach
  16. Hey Ally592

    I know how you feel, I was knocked back last year & I still haven't got over it as my course buddies from my degree got in & I keep thinking what they're doing I could've been too [​IMG]

    I have applied again this year but won't hear until May if I've got an interview which is a nightmare! Apparently it shows your commitment to the profession if you re-apply, I know a few students who were knocked back & were accepted the next year. Use the next year to gain valuable experience.

    eeyore xx
  17. GTTR has been updated!
    I got a conditional offer! i am in shock!
    weekend is starting early!!!!![​IMG]
  18. Well done!!!! I guess that it was not a long wait?[​IMG]
  19. Well done!! Mine still just says Interview, leats I havent got the rejection yet haha! Can still live in hope!
  20. well done!!!! I'm shocked you have all found out so early ....just hope they saving some places as I never did hear back from UWS! What type of experience do you have classroom wise? I have a lot of experience working with children but not a decent or recent amount inside a classroom and I'm starting to panic that this might hold me back!

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