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Strathclyde PGDE Primary Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by hprimrose, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Am I the only one who heard it said "If someone is a particularly strong candidate we may let them know soon" or words to that effect? I was Friday afternoon.
  2. Thanks so much for feedback. Hopefully we all hear before Easter....Would love to have it all over. [​IMG]
    What did people wear to the interview?

  3. I cant believe we have to wait until March...its going to be an agonizing wait! My interview is a bit of a blur, i was so nervous!! I wore a suit to mine. I was worried it might be a bit over formal but most people were dressed really smartly.
  4. Ally
    Hi, I was at Thursday's interview and I didn't hear anything mentioned about letting strong candidates know sooner. Your post just inspired me to check GTTR just incase there was news! [​IMG]
  5. Hi - I was accepted on the course two years ago. I was told at interview that I would not be told until March, however, I was informed I had been accepted about 10 days later. I know of other friends who had a similar experience. I also know of students who were only given a place days before the start of the course. Best of luck to all of you
  6. I wouldn't be sure about comparing 2 years ago to this year since we were told this academic year has 450 places whereas only 132 places for the next session. We were definitely told on Friday afternoon strong candidates could be told earlier...........after the presentation I said to others I wished she hadn't said that as it'd just make me panic more and the others agreed.
    All very confusing. Obviously I don't have as much patience as I claimed to have when answering the "What makes you think you'd be a good teacher?" question.
  7. Hi Holly, who told you this? was that at the interview itself or someone else?
    If they really are interviewing 400 people over 3 days thats 130 people a day, 2 sessions a day so 65 people at each session each getting 15 minutes? Surely there is not enough hours in the day for one interview panel to possibly interview that many people! I had also heard that the places available was a lot lower than 140.
  8. We were definitely told by the woman who did the presentation (Linda???) that 400 were being interviewed for 132 places. Also said there are currently 450 places but next year (2010-11) its down to 132.
    Logistics are 50 in the morn, 50 afternoon, last Thurs and Friday and then 2 days in March.
    Looks like about 1 in 3 chance for those interviewed.

  9. They said 140 places at my interview session too and 400 people. There are far more than one interview panel, there are loads and each set of interviewers had about 8 people a session to interview!
  10. and with only 15 mins per interview and 5 mins for them to right down their comments it all works out logistically.
  11. Thanks guys :)
    1 in 3 isn't that bad, is it? It's actually given me a little bit of hope!
  12. Next panic button to be pressed is when the first person comes on here and says "I've just been offered a place, yippee, brilliant, etc.".............then the rest of us panic and chase the postman up the street every day. Looking forward to that scenario[​IMG]
  13. Hahaha exactly! I've been playing that scenario out in my head all weekend! Afraid to log on in case someone says those dreaded words... I'm in!! Just wish we could be told, I'm going through days where I think my interview went well then the next thinking it went terribly and I shouldve said this and that! Torture!
  14. Hey guys! Yeah I'm sure she said 400 interviews and 140 places which is crazy!! Imagine how many people must have applied though, there must have been thousands! I know I kweep checking my GTTR website everyday and this website just to see if anythings changed! But no.... I'm starting to get a bit impatient lol. Best of luck to you all though :)
  15. Will we be told on GTTR as I expect or did she not say a letter would come through the post?

    The stress is that we're all applying for a CAREER and not a job. With a job interview you can mess it up and apply for a different job the next week. With this, if you want to be a teacher you need to do well in te interview - or wait a full year and then get another knock back.
  16. I think, going by what happened last year, that GTTR can take a little while to be updated so you may actually get a letter acknowledgment before GTTR changes.
    Think of all the people who applied and didnt even get as far as the interview we have all done well to get this far. I am still surprised that I got an interview at all as my application was sent nearly 2 weeks after the deadline, due to a late reference! So I'm just thankful to get this far.
    Although, as you said Ally its a career not a job and if we dont get through this time a year is going to be a long wait!
  17. Yeah I feel the same.... it is career and the thought of waiting another year is unbearable. Good luck to you all I just hope we will all be laughing about this one day in class!!!! I have all my fingers and toes crossed
  18. Hi all. I have not updated since my interview as I felt it went so poorly!! The interviewers were lovely but I just babbled rubbish for 15 minutes - I don't feel I answered any of their questions properly. I'm blaming the fact that I haven't had a proper interview for years due to being self employed. I just could not contain the nerves. So annoying as not like me! I guess when you so passionately want something it is hard to convey that in a mere 15 minutes. I really doubt we will hear before mid March but like the rest of you I am checking evey day. I am also dreading the first post of someone saying 'I'm in!'. Though of course I will be delighted for you! Best of luck all. x
  19. Hi all,
    Well done to all of you who have managed to get an interview. I thought I would get one at one of my choices but have not had one! Still waiting to here from UWS but not holding out much hope now that I have read that interviews have already started! Apparently there was 800 applicants for the PGDE Primary course at Strathclyde so those who have been given an interview should be really pleased to have got that far.

    It's frustrating when I read that some of those being interviewed have no prior experience and I do! As a mature student who had been working with children for the last 4 years as well as having 3 kids of my own and volunteering once a week in my kids school, I thought I would have quite a good chance but alas no!! The reason given for being unsuccessful was insufficient experience!

    Still I don't want to sound bitter (lol!!) as there's really no point! There's always next year!

    Good luck to all of you, I hope your letters are in the post with some good news!
  20. My status on GTTR has changed!!

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