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Strathclyde PGDE Primary Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by hprimrose, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Thanks Going for Gold and well done on your place! I'm so excited and can't wait to get started!
  2. I didn't either - I just accepted on track (GTTR).

  3. Thanks Appleit- same as me! Just thought the letter was odd and wanted to check. None of us have worked this hard to get it wrong at this stage!!
  4. I was exactly same way, so I asked couple of friends in their probation year - they've both confirmed they accepted on track, and didn't return slip.

    Felt like one of those 'read all the instructions before doing anything' tests didn't it? I'm excited too, although it hasn't really sunk in yet.

    Anyone still waiting, those slips had 14 day deadline on them and requested reason if not accepting place. They also asked people to e-mail if not accepting. Hope you get good news soon.
  5. Hi Leo.girl,
    Congrats on being accepted!
    I replied to my offer on GTTR, and then received a letter from GTTR just confirming my firm acceptance.
    I haven't received any letters which require me to sign and return.
    little bit worried now,[​IMG] i will contact gttr to ask...

  6. Hi Claire

    I never received anything to sign either. Just accepted online & got a confirmation letter. Can you let me know what GTTR say please as feel slightly panicked!

  7. Hey, I had the same panic when I received this letter a while back! I had to phone the uni about something else and whilst I was on I double checked that they didn't need the slip back and they don't. As long as you have accepted on track that is enough!
  8. Hi Beckilou and Claire, I'm so sorry if I've caused you undue concern! As long as you accept on track that's sufficient. It was a slip attached to the bottom of the acceptance confirmation letter from GTTR which does not need returned if you are accepting! It made me panic incase I had misunderstood the instructions and I just wanted to double check.

    Look forward to meeting you all soon!
  9. Hi Claire,

    Thanks, congrats to you too! The letter said 'if you've already accepted the ITTP has changed the offer' they hadn't,I checked back on track to be sure. No idea what's been going on! Your interview was Feb though wasn't it? Maybe it's just us March lot being tested on reading comp!

    Sorry about lack of paragraphs, I'm on my iPod. They're there while I type but disappear when I post!
  10. Just logged on to check about that letter!! I'm not sending that slip back - I logged on to GTTR - hopefully thats correct!!! Feel like I should phone the Uni - just in case!!!!!
  11. Hi everyone,

    Congrats to all of you who got in for the PGDE at Strathclyde for 2010!!

    Unfortunately I am one of those from the March interviews who was unsuccessful.

    I was just wondering if any one else who was also unsuccessful has contacted the Uni for feedback?! I know we were told we shouldn't at our welcome presentation, but I would REALLY like to know what let me down...

    Let me know if you have and what the response was please x
  12. Hey has anyone who got in to Jordanhill heard anything else yet or got anything through the post from them? I see a few of the other posts for different unis have sent out disclosure or placement info! Just wondering if I was missing something! Beckilou
  13. No I haven't. I know makes you wonder.....
    I posted on the student forum about start dates etc...as I hadn't heard anything.
    ;) GoingforGold
  14. Hi everyone!!
    Just checking that no-one has received any paperwork since the last posts? I can't wait to get started.
    I will also be posting some information shortly on a room I have to rent in my flat if anyone knows anyone who may be interested? It's a lovely modern flat on Yorkhill Street in the west end. Ideally looking for a post grad as they'll understand the demands of the course too and not want to be partying all the time!
    Look forward to meeting you all soon.


  15. Hi Katie! Nope still not heard anything! I think it's July we here and get placement info sent out to us! I can't wait to start either, so exciting!

    I hope you get someone to share your flat ok.

    See you in August,

  16. Thanks Beckilou! Look forward to meeting you in August! Keep the forum updated with any new info and so will I. Katie
  17. Hi,

    I'd definately be interested in sharing your flat as i am coming from the south of Scotland. It would be nice to share with someone who is also doing post grad.

  18. Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for your post and congratulations on your place! Give me a call when you're free to discuss: 07887 640546. I'm best to get at weekends or after 7pm during week nights.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  19. Ok, that's great.

    Thank You


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