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Strathclyde PGDE Primary Applications

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by hprimrose, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Hi. I was just wondering if anyone else on these forums has applied to Strathclyde for their first choice and whether they have heard about interviews? I am slightly concerned that the rumour that Strathclyde interview late will have an effect on even being considered for my second choice (Glasgow). It is so annoying that you can only apply to one place at a time!!! I'm keen to hear any advice anyone has on the whole application procedure, especially in relation to both my choices. Thanks.
  2. Hi hprimrose -
    I am currently at Strathclyde doing PGDE so was in exact same boat as you last year! They do start interviews later but I wouldn't worry about it - I have a friend who had her Strathclyde interview in Feb and was not given a place. Her application was then sent to Glasgow and she got a place there in April.
    Although it means more waiting there will still be places available for the right applicants!!
    Best of luck!
  3. Hi. Thank you so much for your reply. I was beginning to think there was no-one else applying to Strathclyde! I phoned the uni last week and they said I would be unlikely to hear before Xmas - very annoying! I think it is worse this year due to the lack of places. Can I ask how you are finding the course? I have 2 young children and can only find negative feedback on this site. I know it will be a lot of work but I don't want it to take over my life completely. For example, how many hours do you put in over and above the actual course?

  4. I'm aware I may have sounded slightly negative elsewhere, but I really love the course. Time wise there's definitely less pressure whilst at Jordanhill, but placement is a different story. There are advantages to a heavy school placement though - although I've had a pretty negative placement and have worked a few 20 hour days, I feel much more prepared for my second placement as I have created basic resources (ie powerpoint and activities) to get me through all the theory elements of int 1 and 2 in my subject. No they're not perfect, but it's definitely a start! A friend on my course has 2 primary age kids and seems to be coping if that's any help to you. And as I've said elsewhere, I wasn't interviewed until Feb this year so don't worry about not hearing anything!!
    Good luck :)
  5. I wouldn't worry about late interview dates - none of the unis will be able to organise their interviews until the Scottish Executive gives them the numbers for next year. Fiona Hyslop's demotion may cause even more of a delay whilst her successor finds his feet. It looks like nothing will be happening until after Christmas so relax and enjoy some mince pies!
  6. Hi hprimrose,

    Do you know what format the interview for Jordanhill will take?

    Is it usually a group discussion followed by an individual interview?


    87 denver
  7. Hi hprimrose,
    I applied to Jordanhill as my 1st choice and have just logged onto GTTR and my status has changed to 'interview'. I presume this means I have got an interview (i'm hoping it means this!)
    My 2nd choice is for Moray House and I too am concerned that if I don't get offered a place at Strathclyde I will be too late to be considered for Edinburgh. I have applied for The University of the West of Scotland too as a back up (you apply to them directly so my application can be considered whilst my Strathclyde one is too!) so I am hoping I get offered a place somewhere. It's the only thing keeping me going through my honours year, I have no clue what i'd do if I didn't get in!
    This whole process is so overwhelming isn't it?

    Good luck and I hope you hear soon from Jordanhill x
  8. Hi everyone. Thanks for all your messages. I just got back from holiday tonight to find out that I have an interview with my first choice Strathclyde on Feb 12th. So excited but very nervous!!! I haven't received a letter yet so no idea what the format of the interview will be. I have also applied to UWS but realistically I think it is just too far away for me. I'm glad to hear that people on the course with children do cope. It is definetely my biggest concern - well after the actual process of getting a place that is!!!
    Best of luck to everyone with an interview and keep in touch with any advice etc. xx
  9. Hi everyone applying this year for Primary PGDE Jordanhill:
    I applied on the closing date last year which was the 4th of December 2008. I recieved notification that I had an interview on the 9th of January. My interview was on the 9th of February and I found out I had a place on the 23rd of February.

    The questions I was asked at my interview were:

    Tell us about a teacher that inspired you and why?
    Would you say you're an organised person, how will this help you in teacher traning?
    From your experience in schools, what effective use of CfE have you seen?
    How would you organise your classroom?
    What are the downsides of CfE in the classroom?
    What type of learner are you?

    Good luck everyone. If you have applied to J'hill, keep me update on the exact number of places that are made availablein PGDE primary if you find out.
  10. Hey, I have an interview for Strathclyde on the 12th as well and haven't had any info about the interview either.

    I hope they don't ask too much about experience in schools...I have none, lol.
  11. Hey, I have an interview for Strathclyde on the 11th of Feb at 1pm and received a letter through from the university today confirming my interview time and the format the interview will take.
    It appears from reading the information that there is no group discussion or presentation and that it is only an interview that is conducted now. Can anyone else confirm this as I was always under the impression from friends who have gone through the interview process in previous years that there was a group discussion and presentation.
  12. Your letter is right - no group discussion or presentation for Jordanhill. Think it changed about 2 years ago.
    You will go in and get a presentation from some key tutors on the course giving information on it, and what they are looking for. There will also be people there to collect copies of your id etc and give you your allocated individual interview time and room.
    You then go to your interview room for your allocated time and get an interview with a tutor from the course and possibly a head or depute from a school!
    It is not a bad experience, just ensure you are well prepared and confident in what you are talking about!
    Good luck to you all!
  13. Hi everyone. Help I'm so nervous about the whole thing and want so much to get a place at Jordanhill for 2010, I haven't heard anything about an interview yet....really hoping to get one and the wait is torture!!!! fingers crossed but I have also applied to USW in Hamilton
  14. Hello,
    I also have an interview on the 11th at 1pm. What kind of things are you looking at, just CfE and the obvious questions? My interview skills leave a lot to be desired so hoping my experience gets me by!xx
  15. Just got an email today to say I have been selected for interview at Strathclyde on the 9th March. Will need to get started on preperations now!!!!
  16. Well done! I got confirmation 2 days ago that I have an interview on the 12th of Feb at 9am. Tying to prepare as much as I can. I'll let you know my questions etc so you can get a better idea of what you might get asked.

    Anyone who's had their interview be able to let me know what they got asked?

  17. Hello there appleit

    Where do you get the sample questions from? Could you share it with us?[​IMG] please?

  18. This is all so nerve racking! I have no idea what they will ask us? In some ways I wish we had a presentation because then at least you could prepare something! My interview is on the 12th (pm slot). Has anyone any idea how many places there will be and how many are being interviewed? My letter said there would be 5 days worth of interviews which seems a lot compared to the other unis. I aslo wonder when we will hear if we are successful or not as people on this thread have talked about March interviews. The joys..... can't think of anything else at the moment!!! Best of luck everyone.
  19. I know what you mean hprimrose. I feel the same about it being all I seem to able to think of.....
  20. I know what you mean about wishing there was a presentation... a single 15 minute interview is a bit scary as thats all you have to make a lasting impression on the panel! Where previously you would have had the presentation time as well!

    In saying that I would be the first to panic about my presentation if I had to do one!

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