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Strategies to help an EA child with motivational issues...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by BV99, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone
    I am hoping I may be able to get some ideas for a year 4 boy in my class who is exceptionally able for literacy and numeracy. During last term (I have been the class teacher since January) he has not shown this ability. He is such an able child but during my last lesson observation, it was noted that he wasn't on task and wrote very little.
    Hence, I have been asked to think of some strategies to motivate and enthuse him to produce more work. I have tried the egg timer and sticker rewards but nothing seems to motivate him. I think he feels complacent that he can do it and therefore, does not have to try.
    Does anyone have any ideas that I could try?
    Many thanks all.
  2. Gareth-Brown

    Gareth-Brown New commenter

    I would probably start with really complimenting him on any work that he has completed to try and motivate him to want to show me more. What interests does he have? For literacy you could focus on his interests and ask him to write about them to show you, tell him that you want to know about them as well.

    Good luck anyway, it's hard when some students just don't seem to want to do anything!

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