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STRATA science scheme of work for SEN pupils

Discussion in 'Science' started by ShanOswald, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. I've used the resources a number of times with teachers and have found they've found the activity ideas really useful when they've got individual students (or groups) who are working at the lower levels - when they've previously struggled to find appropriate activities to aid learning development.
    I think they're well worth a look.
    Might be interesting to see if anyone on the SEN forum has thoughts too?
  2. I've used it with my ks3 withdrawal groups. it doesn't cover everything on the ks3 curriculum, but the topics it does cover are very useful. the grid for formative assessment is especially helpful for APP stuff. lots of good ideas for making topics easy to access - practical tasks etc. the only thing i'd say they need to do is expand it more to include more topics [​IMG]

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