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Strangest "thank you teacher" gifts!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by harchie, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. I had lots of lovely things this year but the real best and I mean this in a really nice way I was absolutely overwhelmed was a cake made by the gran with 2 sugarcraft figures on top perfect replicas of me and the child right down to my glasses which the mum had made. It is amazing and I am going to preserve the figures for ever. My TA had one too with her and the child on top. I am so pleased with it I have even shown my neighbour tonight.
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  2. Lovely LOL

    I recieved the usual chocs, wine, mug, flowers, a lovely clock and then 4 tins of dog food, yep dog food. His dad giggled as he asked if I had a dog before handing over the giftbag LOL pricless !!!!
  3. A slab of Gorgonzola cheese (because I randomly mentioned, last year, that my daughter and I love sniffing the smelliest cheeses we can find in Tesco!!

  4. One of the children in my class had watched the others give me presents and despite the fact that I had said that presents weren't important, she wanted to join in. She spent the rest of the day carefully squirreling the best bits from the collage box, and folding them into a triangular shape, then attaching bright orange string. Later I found that my pen had disappeared. It arrived later carefully wrapped in shiny sellotape. She explained with a huge smile that the triangle was for "hanging on a door ****" and that the pen was "for marking special work". I can see the triangle on my doorknob at home where it has been for the past 4 years, and I still use the pen to mark special work. Those two gifts were worth more than any amount of wine or chocolate, because they came from the heart. I cant understand how many people on here dont take the things home that people have spent time making for them, at least for a while. How sad that things have to cost money before they are worthwhile....
  5. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    I agree, my smiling butterfly picture has pride of place on my fireplace amongst the other shop bought cards.
  6. Faheey

    Faheey New commenter

    I have received a range of nice wee things across my years as a teacher, least of all some decent cuff links and various bottles of wine and broon ale ... happy days! The starngest however falls between a boquet of green jellied sweets (seriously, do you expect me to consume all these e-numbers!) and a box of chocolates that had been half consumed by the child ... why bother.
  7. I had a gorgeous picnic blanket today, really lovely. I mentioned to the mum some time ago that in the summer I planned to get out and about for some day trips with my hubby :D absolutely thrilled with the pressie. Choccies, wine, mugs and lots of jewellery too :D
  8. a packet of bread sauce mix
  9. Just had my year 6 class leave after having them for two years and have to say that all the written and verbal messages and thank yous were the best presents I could have asked for. Very grateful for all the gifts too of course as told them i expected nothing especially after they had organised a bunch of flowers for me during our leavers assembly. No strange presents but have to say the most thoughtful was a donation to Oxfams education in poor countries on my behalf with a message that read "because you've been such a special teacher, I hope a teacher in a poor country can make a difference to childrens lives too". What a reminder as to why we are all there and how lucky we are. I will miss this class
  10. Didn't get anything "weird", I think. Got lots of lovely chocolates, a notepad, pens and quite a few cards (some of my girls spent all morning making and decorating them). I also got a new football and a rugby ball. Brilliant. Best presents ever. :D (I usually have at least one football in my classroom, for my class to
    take out at playtime. It's labelled with the class name, and the Year 8s are more likely to give it back to my little ones. Current class ball had survived all year, but has given up and looks rather
    sad now.)
  11. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I get quite a few ties off kids. The funniest one was from a group of girls who had been on a L&T visit to Eurodisney and had missed several of my classes as a result. It was presented at the end of a lesson at the end of the day and so everyone was in a rush to get off. I unwrapped it and it was a tie with little pictures of the 7 dwarves (or so I thought) I quickly replaced my tie with the gift and they all went home. When I got home mrs blazer noticed the new neckwear and I told her it was a gift from some yr 10s. Have you looked at it? she said and I told her that I had and it was the 7 dwarves. Look again she said and when I examined it closely it was just lots of pictures of one particular dwarf! Grumpy!
  12. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    This year my form captain (yr 11) gave me a really nice boxed pen (I gave her a Willow' figure with a thankyou balloon. She had been more like my PA than my form captain). Her twin sister gave me a boxed scientist teddy bear from Cambridge University (I teach her science). I took the pair of them to the Prom in my convertible (They were let down by the Limo company) and they bought me a lovely pair of cufflinks as a thankyou gift. One link was a fuel gauge and the other a speedometer!
  13. my best had to be one of my children saying "I gave you a hug- that's the best present!" She wasn't wrong (she later bought in for me a lovely thank you teacher card and some new sun glasses, with the price still on '£12'! ...

    Worst - BEST TEACHING ASSISTANT notelets 2 years ago, I had taugh the whole families kids, they knew I was the teacher - I passed it on to my TA last year - she loved it...
  14. Form group leaving year 10's got together for a Hasmter Ball (we have classroom gerbils and their ball was broken earlier in the year so they hadn't been out to chase for a while) stuffed full of haribo!

  15. I am a teacher and I bought the same type of gift for my son's Y6 teacher when he left Primary School a few years ago. (Oxfam teacher training) It was greatly appreciated - I know its something that I would love! I have been well and truly spoilt this year from my class of lovely Y2's. I actually recieved a card from each of my 30 children! Lots of parents came in school to say thanks - it means such a lot! Whatever gifts the children give are gratefully received (including the 'special teacher' mugs!) A great class that I will miss!
  16. Best "strange" gift was probably a girl from my final placement class - we'd brought back unusual shaped rocks from a trip and painted them, and on the last day she presented me with hers, which she'd painted like a ladybird. I have it on display at home because it's very cute :)

    As for strange strange, I once got three dates - wrapped in several sheets of toilet roll.
  17. A present I was given in 1989 when I left my teaching post in a high school to move to a promoted post elsewhere still makes me smile. An S1 pupil had been in an Art class making a pottery model of a trainer shoe which was proudly given to me as I was leaving. A message scraped into the fired clay was "To Miss xxxxx - fired on 25 June". Looks like the boot being fired in the school kiln indicates I was given "the boot" rather than moving to a new post!! The boot still sits on my kitchen window sill!
  18. katielou83

    katielou83 New commenter

    My 'strangest' present was also the most inventive and touching present I've ever had and most definitely my favorite. I left my job of three years in July and my leaving present was a pair of bright pink wellies that my colleagues and class had all drawn fairies on, signed and written me messages. As a fairy-loving festival goer it was the most perfect present! Don't think I've ever cried so much in public! They won't be going anywhere near a muddy field though-far too special.
  19. ...check out?
  20. Not quite a puppy ..... but I did get given a ginger kitten by a Year 2 boy - his cat had just had kittens and I had said (being naive NQT!) I had always wanted a ginger cat - so he gave it to me - still have her now 3 years on and she is lovely - so unusual but best gift to date!!


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