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Strangest "thank you teacher" gifts!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by harchie, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. I have been very spoilt both years that I have been a teacher, and the school is in a very affluent area. My favourite presents are the cards with a message from the child or their parent to say how much they've enjoyed the year or a homemade gift. This year I got an envelope with a £10 note in which I thought was odd.... no note to accompany it. It's a shame that they feel they have to give a gift sometimes.
    I appreciate every gift I get though, and always write thank you notes. I got 11 bottles of wine this year!
  2. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    I got 7 bottles of wine and a bouquet of sweets. You have to see it to believe it. Never had anything like that before.
    I only got two 'best teacher' things this year...which is good. I hate that tatt...but always act delighted. I always try to find a use for them, such as give them to the cat to play with.
    Teachers receiving presents was described as 'corrupt' on the local radio station this morning on the way into work. I must be very corrupt. I've been spoilt today.
  3. A white duck feather handpainted blue and gold - badly by a Year 6. Straight to recycling.
    Best - fresh eggs from a kids chickens.
  4. best- £40 beauty salon vouchers...nice! worst an interesting boat ornament???? ***
  5. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    My presents were all tame and nice in comparison to some of these. I got some 'best teacher' bits, but do find them quite cute. I also got a gift basket of sweets (since eaten by my own kids while they played in my classroom while I spent the day sorting it out), some nice smellies - I never have to buy any - and lots of lovely chocolates. No bottles of wine for me this year, which I am glad of. I don't drink wine.
  6. My daughter is a primary school teacher and her wierdest end of term gift (so far)
    was a bikini... wierder still it fitted perfectly!
  7. One year I got a beautiful set of M&S toiletries and thought" Wow they've splashed out." When I tries some of the shea butter on my hands that night they quickly stung,went red and started to swell. On checking the date they were 9 years out of date.
    Weirdest fridge magnet said "Teachers make pupils count." It went on the staffroom fridge as this was really stating the obvious in a Primary School.
    Now I have retired my relatives do not get the strange ornaments,bath oils,soaps and candles they used to get at Christmas. I only ate the chocolates and drank the booze!
  8. i think we should get our unions , whilst they are negotiating our pensions, to demand the removal of these items from shops and replace them with maltesers and red wine!
  9. I got a Kumquot tree and a garden centre voucher for £20 from ten parents who had clubbed together. May seem strange but I was thrilled. Seem to recall a parnet sounding me out a few weeks ago on my hobbies, and mentionedhaving to tackle a much overgrown garden in the summer which has been sadly neglected over the year. ALso got two mugs and 'Best Teacher' teddy!!!
  10. erica_c_hanson

    erica_c_hanson New commenter

    Ive been on long term supply and one of my year 10 girls got me a bag of haribos. She said because I dont drink and cant eat chocolates this was the best she could come up with. I loved it was best gift ever.
    I was once given I love marking cup, its the one cup no one nicks in any school I go to.
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  11. Slightly off topic, but in a card my year 10 class gave me because I am leaving a girl wrote 'Good luck b1tch face' ! It did make me laugh, and she assured me that 'I mean it in a nice way, Miss - you're lovely and all that but you can be a right b1tch' :-D
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  12. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    I like you harchie. Let's start the revolution here. Do you think NASUWT will join us?

    (I'm only joking as I am NASUWT!)
  13. .....hilarious!!!
    My best was a bottle of gin.
  14. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    Our parents don't give us gifts but I have received lots of pictures made in class today during wetplay. [​IMG]
  15. Today I got a flat stone with a smiley face drawn on it lol! Never found out who it was from!
  16. This is not so much the gift but the reason behind it..
    I opened the present and found a shiny necklace, all the girls in my class thought it looked lovely. I put it on and shouted over to the young man who had brought it in that it was very pretty and that I really liked it. He looked up and innocently replied, "I'm glad you like it Miss, my Grandma bought it my mum for Christmas and she really hates it."
    Well, my TA and I were crying with laughter.... The girls in my class couldn't believe he'd said that either but saw the funny side too... It really made my day for all the wrong reasons!!
    On a serious note, got a lovely thank you message in a card from a child's mum. It's that, not the gifts that I really appreciate.
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  17. Duuuudddeeee! That was Awsome! I remember - very funny!

    Congratulations on the TLR btw, Miss Blogg told me :eek:D
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  18. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    ive just finished my NQT year and was really looking forward to keeping some of the best teacher prezzies like mugs and teddies, which some of you have described as tat, but i didnt get any!!!!
    did get a voucher for one of those fish foot spa things, which the parent runs!!!! really dont like the idea of it but feel obliged to use the voucher!!!
    dieselhoney likes this.
  19. On a foot theme - a colleague yesterday received a pair of shoes ( very well used !! )
  20. I was given a box with some edible flowers in! There was a note accompanying them from the parents saying that said child wasn't winding me up and the flowers were edible! I felt obliged to eat them as he stood there with his big puppy dog eyes.The flower was tasteless and the leaf was very peppery! I was worried they may make me ill for my holiday tomorrow! Ok so far though, luckily. Dad did come in after school though and gave me a lovely bottle of wine.
    Definitely my strangest gift so far!

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