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Strangest "thank you teacher" gifts!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by harchie, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. gam26

    gam26 New commenter

    My strangest gift was underwear - a red bra and knickers set and a blue bra and knickers set - they were the right size too! The parents /children I received this gift from seemed a perfectly normal well-balanced family - so why the underwear - I'll never know as I wasn't brave enough to ask!
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  2. I never throw anything out either. I'm always very touched that the kids want to give me something since I'm no their 'regular' teacher. I love getting flowers and herbs to plant in my garden, wine, tea and scented soap. The lottery ticket idea was fun as well as gift vouchers. One class made a collection for me and gave me a check to use where ever I wanted. I bought a lovely handbag and let everyone know is was my class 4c bag.
  3. A hand knitted jumper that the child had told me his mum was making for me. The only problem was that the sleeves were miles too long, it was far too short, it was very tight, and as for the colour scheme, well........ horizontal stripes in every pastel colour imaginable!!! Needless to say I showed my appreciation for the amount of work that had gone into it and took it home. The child told me that his mum had guessed my size. Maybe she needs more practice in estimation!!
  4. Were the two men in the tent? if so i 'd be grateful.
  5. I was presented with a lovely bouquet plus a £30 M & S voucher. When I said I'd get some nice food with it I was told 'No, you need new clothes, don't waste it on food'.' Maybe I'll try and find some pink spotted wellies!
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  6. A friend was given a hamster in a paper bag. Then she found that it was pregnant. So that was how the school hamster club began.
  7. And how could I forget the dead, dessicated rat in a shoe box. 'I found it in the garage and I knew you'd like it because you're Biology!'.
  8. DENISE4444

    DENISE4444 New commenter

    A few years ago, I had mentioned about wanting to get my ears pierced again - not a good thing to say when one of the parents does this stuff for a living, well, on the last day in came the mom with all the piercing stuff and yes she did my ears right there in the classroom, nice purple studs but i would rather have chosen when to do it myself but didn't want to offend. I have never had anything as bad as the picture frame or the 'soap', thank god. Wish I had been given the hamster, though my other half would not agree, he says one is enough
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  9. Im loving my daily fix of this thread!
    Got a few pressies today - chocs, wine, teddy, magnet, pencil holder. I am secretly hoping for something bizarre!!
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  10. I have a special cupboard for mugs given at the end of term. Until this week, my favourite worst pressie was a set of plastic drinks coasters with cartoon reindeer on them. I've had a trial size nail varnish from a 'buy one get this free' make up offer. This week I was given a 'thank you teacher' card containing 30p in small change.
  11. 30p in change- LOL!!!
  12. Hahahahahahahahahaha this is the funniest!
  13. And also a little cruel.... :-(.... I have conflicting opinions!
  14. ruthdvaz

    ruthdvaz New commenter

    I once had a box of Diary Milk Tray, wrapped beautifully, but when I unwrapped it later I discovered all the chocoates on the top layer had already been eaten and the 2nd layer only had few left!
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  15. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Yep! I agree - the only one to actually make me giggle out loud!
    A few weeks back I got given a tub of half-used body butter. It was quite obviously from the child though and the parent acknowledged this. However, it was more of a 'just because' gift as it wasn't the end of term then.
  16. I got a mug with " bestest TRAFFIC ATTENDANT, thankyou for keeping us boys and girls SAFE!"
    with a picture of a school patrol attendant.
    Have never had anything to do with crossing roads with them...thought I was teaching them...wonder if it was near the 'best teacher' mugs and they picked up the wrong one...or is that wwhat they think I should be doing...worrying...
  17. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    When working as a TA, I got a piggy bank, with the stopper missing and a hole in the front. I tried to give it back by hiding it in the givers bag, but their sister came back with it 'but Miss... Name wanted you to have it'. I still have it somewhere.
  18. this one is pretty bizarre: the dad said i had helped his boy a lot and he'd like to return the favour, so he offered a prostitute. it took a few moments to sink in.
  19. HAHA i am loving these gifts!

    I once got a collection of old teddies from a girl, which looked like they had been rescued from the bin. Needless to say, they went straight back in the bin.
    I also got a paper clip necklace from a boy who insisted I wear it for the rest of the day. I forgot I was wearing it and when I took it off that night, I had a lovely rash all around my neck as I'm allergic to nickel. The same little boy also presented me with a card and inside was about 30 gold star stickers, which I thought was sweet. That was until I noticed they were the stolen stickers from my desk and a little note saying "To Miss B... I am sorry I took your stickers, I hope they still stick" LOL awwww.
  20. I got 50p in a card today. The child is gorgeous but her mum is horrid - so I think she had snuck the pocket money in herself. What a sweet thing for a 5 year old to do, it broke my heart a little bit though.
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