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Strangest "thank you teacher" gifts!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by harchie, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. We had done some maths, costing a party and deciding on what food and drink we wanted... I had used my love of champagne as an example of buying what you want but can't afford in quantity.
    When a child left before the end of the year, guess what was in my bottle bag!

    **POP** **FIZZ** **SPARKLE** ** YUM** **THANKS**

    It never hurts to drop some hints!
  2. I never open children's xmas presents preferring to save them for "the day". However, one year, a particularly strange shaped and slightly squidgy parcel left me intrigued. On early opening I discovered a banana with a bic biro (blue) sticking in the side, with Happy Christmas written on the side of the banana (in blue biro!)
    I never ate the banana and the biro never worked :(
  3. A couple of years ago I received 2 lovely looking wrapped presents from a girl in my class. Usually I open the presents infront of the class, thankfully that day I didn't. Inside one was a beautiful bracelet but in the other was a very small lacy G string. Her mom asked me at the end of the day if I liked my gifts with a smirk on her face, adding that she was really hoping hat I opened them infront of all the children! Could have been fun explaining that one to other parents.
  4. I just got a tin of furniture polish, with a cheeky grin.
    In case you hadn't guessed, I'm a little short of hair.

  5. I got a pogo stick - yes, I know, very strange!! Had a hop around the playground on it, much to the children's delight but it has lived in my loft ever since. Still think I may find someone who will appreciate it, one day!
  6. Hi.
    One of my colleagues got a box of laughing cow cheese triangles with one missing :).
    Today I got a freddo, 30p, a tiny green shell and a fulffy easter chick wrapped in wet tissue all carefully concealed in newspaper!
  7. At my school, the "thank you" gifts that have been shared with the warmest smiles have been the simplest - hand-written cards and notes from children and parents. We stick them up in the staff room as a reminder of why we really do this job.

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  8. At my school, the "thank you" gifts that have been shared with the warmest smiles have been the simplest - hand-written cards and notes from children and parents. We stick them up in the staff room as a reminder of why we really do this job.

  9. Years ago was given a second hand skirt (my size though) another teacher got the nativity set wrapped up which had been stolen earlier that week from the hall!

  10. Last Christmas I was given a 50p scratchcard!
  11. Reminds me of a present I had from a child in my class (after watching a programme about garden creatures). He asked me to retrieve it from his coat pocket - he said it was stuck! Not relating to the previous day's programme as my trusty pupil had, I reached into his pocket to find the SLUG!
  12. At the May fair (earlier in the year of course!) we had one of those wax hand stalls where you immerse your hand in hot wax and have a lasting keepsake to treasure. I recall that Justin placed his hand in a 'V for Victory' formation, as he had seen on the posters of Winston Churchill that we had looked at in our recent WW2 project. You can imagine how this came out - he then gave it to me as a momento to remind me of him. We kept it in the staff room for several months until we had to explain to a governor why there was cast of a hand flicking v's at everyone :)
  13. kstott

    kstott New commenter

    I once received, from a child who was an unlikely giver of gifts, a battery operated, bee shaped massager. [​IMG]
  14. I think hot dog sausages wins the prize, but my best memory was a year when 3 separate individuals gave me snow globes held by clay cats - what a fine collection!
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  15. I once got a set of Winnie the Pooh Happy Meal toys from McDonalds. Unfortunately (!), they stank of smoke and never made it home! I do have to say that this was a thoughtful present from the child who knew I liked Pooh and obviously really wanted to get me a present.
    Also, I once opened a little teapot shaped tray thing to put a tea bag on when it comes out of the cup. The other children said, 'But Miss doesn't drink tea!' The child in question replied, 'I did tell my mum that!'
  16. A colleague of mine once received a half-used stick of deoderant - complete with pubic hair! No joke!
  17. That's grim!
    Most random gift I got was a box of nine fully ripe mangos for no reason - it wasn't the end of term or anything.
    Most amusing gift was before I became a teacher and worked as a TA (aged 22) I was rather pleased to see a bottle shaped object. However the child informed me 'it's not what you think it is'... So wine was out the window. Instead I unwrapped a giant bottle of raspberry Bacardi Breezer at which point the child said 'I thought you were too young for wine'. Apparently I give off the binge drinker vibe. Bless her though! It was sweet.
  18. I guess it depends on the child in question. I am a Year One teacher in Aussie and was given, on two separate occasions, framed photos of students (home made, complete with glitter!) I had a soft spot for both children and their photos were displayed at home along with family photos for some time!
  19. I received a tissue box cover in silver painted wood, which is so heavy that the tissues are hardly portable once ensconced. Stranger, though, was the bottle of chilli-flavoured olive oil.
    The best ever present from my form, at the end of three years teaching them, was a sea grass hamper containing a bottle of chapagne, two crystal glasses with two silver coasters, a Monsoon bracelet, box of chocolates, cookie cutters, Nigella Lawson's Domestic goddess book (I used to bake them a cake on their birthdays) , a mug, huge bar of chocolate, pretty photo frame with a picture of the class and eleven other gifts. They also made a little book in which they had each written me a personal message. Their photo still hangs on the kitchen wall.

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