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Strangest "thank you teacher" gifts!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by harchie, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. My unusual gifts include the following:
    Bottle of port (V. Nice)
    Jar of coffee
    A Ukrainian fridge magnet (from the previous summer holiday)
    A candle holder in the shape of Santa's sleigh
    The best gift was from my Year 13s a mini fridge (filled with diet coke)
    All the gifts are great it is always nice to feel rewarded
  2. Actually crying with laughter at some of these... I was the kid at school (rather nice private girls' school) whose Dad didn't know about things like end of term presents, so I gave gave Miss Allen my A for Amy pendant one year. Never did see her where it...
  3. I love getting gift cards...since i love coffee, coffee cards are awesome.
  4. The chocolate body paint seems a bit inappropriate... plus it was opened?? Ewww!
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  5. How about a pink fluorescent hi vis jacket, with my name with an exclamation mark after it, on the back.

    Something to do with my habit of taking the group on long walks perhaps :)
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  6. I love this - so sweet!
    I received an OS map not so long ago. Not end of term, not a special occassion just a "I saw this and thought of you".
    The student honestly didn't know, but I was new to the area. It was quite possibly the randomest but most helpful gift ever. I was thrilled! :)
  7. I once got a carrot wrapped in selotape! ... A misunderstanding about my vegetarianism I think!!!

  8. Lovely! When I was a student teacher back in the 80s, one class gave me a Lovers Loo Roll which had "She loves me, She loves me not" printed on alternate sheets. I've still got it somewhere.
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  9. One of my current year three's went to the space centre in London at half term and brought me back a NASA mug - bless him! No special occasion, he just thought I'd like a new mug as I'm always drinking out of the Pooh bear one ;-)
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  10. Early in my teaching career working in a tough inner city school I was given a statue of a 'lady' with skirt cut to thigh and a feather boa. When I took it home my dad too one look at it and said ' Who gave you a statue of a prostitute?'
  11. HILARIOUS! Love this. These are the perks of being a teacher. Plenty of free laughter!
  12. A chocolate fountain from my sixth form-they knew me so well!! Best present I every got from my pupils!
  13. What a great idea! Did you win?
  14. These are brilliant!

    I've had large bottle of fabric softener :s A colleague who taught the same child forthe two years before had received a pair of pyjamas each year - first year size 8 (which she is), 2nd year size 16 :s she was still an 8!!
    Also from a different child, a 6.5kg frozen turkey (it was christmas time!)
  15. The best so far are-
    A Homer Simpson radio (which was a bit sticky and grubby) You turn his eyes around for Volume and Tuning. It was just surreal.
    As an assistant I was once given a clear plastic stiletto shoe full of bright pink bubble bath. I kept it for years, but Homer knocked it off the shelf of awful...

  16. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    I got a 'World's Best Teaching Assistant' mug.
    I was teaching a group of 8 SEN children and I guess my role wasn't made entirely clear to the parents!! I wouldn't have minded so much but I'd been teaching in the school in various roles for 3 years!
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  17. I work as a TA and we often use to get a marks and spencer body spray (only the small one) but it was always appreciated
  18. At the end of my first year of teaching one of my little darlings (I was teaching year three at the time) gave me a plastic car, which, when opened turned out to be a container for "My first shaving kit" - some cream, a brush, a razor. The rub though was that his dad had sent him in with the message (which the boy dutifully recounted) - "Tell Mr T he probably won't need this yet". Obviously now after 15 years of teaching I am no longer quite so fresh-faced, but back then I think most of the parents thought I was about 12.
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  19. SAM1CH

    SAM1CH New commenter

    I have also had best TA mugs even though I have been a teacher for many years and live in the parish too, Strange pressies, half a jar of Vaseline, Monsoon voucher that was scratched out, crotcheted blamket, and the best/worse has to be from the frantic family who insisted on telling all and sundry that they were going to make everyone in the class a bird feeder. How many chn? they asked, they didn't seem phased at 30... then the day came when the feeder arrived on the last day. It was for me, none of the chn received one, it wass 12 peanuts sewn together as a ladder and wrapped up inside A4 writing paper- my son has a serious nut allergy! Hmm, that pressie never left the classroom that day either.
    By the way, the same parent was pontificating at the cinema that Harry Potter is based on a true story! Hmm, wonder why my house elf has gone?
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