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Strangest "thank you teacher" gifts!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by harchie, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. I once got given dog food!!!
  2. One of my GCSE students...of farming stock, naturally...came in with Tesco carrier bags and gave us all a bag of spuds! I was quite touched..
  3. And I thought the pineapple I got was weird! (It was delicious, though.)
  4. I'm a university lecturer, so we don't always get gifts at the end of term. But the strangest and most thoughtful gift I've received was an extension cord. I was pregnant, and a student saw me always reaching across and behind my desk to plug in my laptop, so she brought the extension cord.

    The chair of my department received a Rolex (genuine) as a thank you from a graduating student this year. I wonder if I'll ever get one...
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  5. Think I can beat all of them for wierdness.

    I like a joke and the kids always want another one so a few years ago I was given a set of jokes; not a joke book but a plastic dog pooh and a false mustache!

    Anyone beat that?
  6. Have never been given actual jokes, but was given a very second hand book of jokes some years ago, with another child's name in!
    I have also been given an unwrapped pendant which had been filched from a mum's bedroom- the child made me put it on, and the mum recognised it at going home time!! She graciously said I could keep it, but have never really felt like wearing it........
    I worry about the pressure that some children must feel that their parent's don't recognise end-of-year gifts - I try not to open them at school to minimise this, but always do 'thank you' notes at start of next term. Must be much harder in Year 6/secondary.
  7. A pack of pastel coloured marks and spencers briefs! what in the name of god was this parent thinking...on a similar theme I had a tin with edible fig leaves given to me one xmas- i work with year 1!!!!! odd times ladies and gentlemen.......
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  8. My strangest was a jar of Strawberry Jam with about 2 tablespoons left in! Also a similarly empty jar of peanut butter!I could choose which I wanted and my TA could have the other!! Turns out the Learning Mentor had been giving away Breakfast Club leftovers!![​IMG]
  9. I got a rubber chicken,
    (dog toy type) from a very problematic group, who I worked hard with. The class PTA gave me a book of very poetic musings that simply did not match the "spirit" of the group and when I thanked the students I did mention that the lovely thoughts book was a bit unusual coming from them... that lead to a rubber chicken.
  10. That is so sweet!
  11. Lynn16

    Lynn16 New commenter

    After a topic on minibeasts, one child brought me a dead cockroach as a present! The same child gave me half a bottle of perfume at the end of the year which his mum then demanded back from me!! Tee Hee!
  12. My best ever thank you was from a parent who was a local builder. He came and fixed some squeaky floorboards at my house - but refused payment as he said it was his gift to me for helping his son! Fantastic, I loved it !
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  13. I thought my beloved form of 20 boys and 10 girls really didn't love me as i had taken a new job up the road .... when as I dismissed them they all came up to me and dumped around 20 + gifts on my desk - 15 bottles of cheap perfume, the rest chocolates and a set of used plat tools wrapped in newspaper! Recognition that i was female clearly!!! Bless - I was so overcome I couldn't see them to the door.
  14. The strangest end of term present I have received was a young, hand reared budgie! I had used my students interests to engage him and it clearly worked! :)
  15. That should read plant tools - I had a few whithering spider plants on my window sill and they clearly thought I should try harder!
  16. I was given an unwrapped Mars Bar (taken out of the very questionable school bag with sweaty, grubby hands) - the little lad said that he really wanted to get me something but didn't have any money. It was sweet, until he wanted to see me eat it!

    The best gift I have ever received was a card with the most wonderful note in it from a parent - it justifies being a teacher. It still makes me tear up when I read it.
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  17. Once had a box of tissues...it wasn't end of term, or any special occasion, I didn't have a cold, totally out of the blue, but the child had written 'To Year 5 from ___' on the box. Bizarre.
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  18. I once got a pack of lovely colourful socks. The child gave them to me and with a big beaming smile on her face said 'I'm glad you like 'em, I nicked 'em from Matalan'!
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  19. As a Steiner teacher, I am used to getting handmade presents. The best one was a hand-knitted beige slug!

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