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Strangest "thank you teacher" gifts!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by harchie, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Received a thank you teacher present from my first grade students;

    1. Cologne from some unknown brand
    2. Black check business shirt
    3. Pink and purple sweater
    4. Sushi nigiri

    The thought was nice but after the end of school party and a few bevy the sushi ended up all-over the sweater and shirt. Good thing I had the cologne.
  2. so as teachers, what would you like to receive????
    my son finishes recetion year this wk and i d like to buy the staff a little something (theres 6 of them) i have seen some nice little plants within budget, or should i just get them all a big tin of roses to share???

    the weirdest pressie has to be the homemade one with hair, lolololol
    i work in a nursery and we always get chocs/cake to share,
  3. How about a 9 year old boy years ago who made me a dress! A hand sewn little black number. I'm afraid I've never worn iit!
    I've also had a bottle of shampoo. Not posh shampoo - just ordinary shampoo, and it wasn't even a full bottle.
  4. One teacher in our school got a puppy!!!! Told them she couldnt take it because she was going away for the holidays.
    Got a lovely box of chocolates once off twin boys I had. Must have got hungry on the way to school because there was a few missing and one half eaten one in the box
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  5. I got a can of gin and tonic. Gift-wrapped. Not sure what that says about me...
  6. This is so sweet!
  7. One very rebellious and aggressive child with whom I'd made mssive progress over the course of my first PGCE placement came up to me on my last day and said, in front of the whole class....

    "Sir, I'm gonna miss you, you're alright, and I hate my art teacher so I spent all art lesson making this for you", he then produced a well made origami ninja star with covered in a half hearted attempt at colouring

    "Wow, _________, thanks so much....what is it?"

    "It's a ninja star, I started colouring it but then thought you might like to do that"

    ...I was genuinely touched, I still have it on my windowsill...it never got coloured in though.
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  8. Mrsgoatley

    Mrsgoatley New commenter

    I got a piece of paper that had been folded in half, then half again etc. It was wrapped in another piece of paper that said ''fracsions' on it. We had to open it and discuss 1/2. 1/4 etc all the way to a 1/32 th!!! What a fab pressie which didn't break the budget but she knew I would like because I love maths!!!
  9. chubbyone

    chubbyone Occasional commenter

    I got a bottle of vodka once, great I hear you say, carefully I put the unknown bottle that had been so expertly wrapped in my rucksack, went to asda to get some shopping and as I came out set all the alarms off. It would seem that a very light fingered parent must have been in there the day before!!!!!!!! Thankfully they believed me when I said it was a present!!!!!! The fact it was in a bag with gift to teacher in was my saving grace!!!!!!!!!
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  10. loving this!
  11. As a trainee teacher, it is always nice to given gifts. However, at the end of this years placement one child gave me a used tissue!!!
    He did although have a lovely card with it to explain that he noticed i had a runny nose, and the same tissue helped him to get rid of his! haha :)
  12. Ditto, but mine was a used deodorant"
  13. Sorry that was supposed to quote the bar of soap with the hair on it!

  14. That reminds me of a Harvest Festival. A child brought a box of frozen chicken pies. We sent them home again at the end of the day, but by then they were defrosted. We just couldn't put them in the box for the City Mission!
  15. One of my students bought me a bag of frozen yorkshire puddings at Christmas, because apparently once i'd said they are amazing!! [​IMG]
  16. A potato ricer!!!!
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  17. Batsheep

    Batsheep New commenter

    72 grapefruit.
    Each person who taught this girl got 36, as her form tutor I got 72. What can a staffroom do with 360 grapefruit?
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  18. I received what I thought was someone's shopping and handed to me by mistake! However, i was not mistaken and it was in fact a gift for myself! In a large white carrier bag there was a jar of beetroot, a tin of custard, a tin of tomato soup, a jar of sour cream dip, a jar of pickles and a tin of beans!
    A very different take on a food hamper I guess!! Hahaha!
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  19. I once got a little card from a year one with a lottery ticket in it. Thought that was a really good idea!
  20. I like the little teacher gifts because they're sweet and are usually picked by the children - and the children appreciate the response.
    I also like chocolates, flowers, plants, toiletries and stationary...

    But I prefer wine :)


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