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Strangest "thank you teacher" gifts!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by harchie, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. it's always lovely to receive a gift from grateful parents and children - even those mugs, teddies that have "best teacher " on them.
    However - what was the strangest gift you ever had?
    mine was a tin of hot dog sausages! wrapped up & gift tagged.
    well - i suppose the thought was there![​IMG]

  2. it's always lovely to receive a gift from grateful parents and children - even those mugs, teddies that have "best teacher " on them.
    However - what was the strangest gift you ever had?
    mine was a tin of hot dog sausages! wrapped up & gift tagged.
    well - i suppose the thought was there![​IMG]

  3. How bizarre!
    I've only ever had the usual - bottles of wine, chocolates, little teacher teddies etc. I love getting them its really sweet :)
  4. A home made photo frame with a picture of the child in it. It was a lovely thought but never made it home with me!!
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    A Tesco Value range family sized trifle!

    I asked the child if it was for the party, we'd had a party the day before, and they said no it was my present for me to take home!

    Having had it sat wrapped up in my classroom all day, I didn't feel I ought to eat it once I got it home.
    dieselhoney likes this.
  6. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    A tin of Celebrations chocolates that had been opened and half-eated with the empty wrappers still in the tin as proof
    CWadd likes this.
  7. A large box of maltesers...however when I opened them and had one realised they were well past the best before date. When I checked they were about a year past their date. Left over Christmas present perhaps?
    hhhh likes this.
  8. tange

    tange New commenter

    I was very excited to receive a Tesco gift voucher. Only to be told at the cheque out that there was nothing on it!!!

    dieselhoney and Inigo_Jones like this.
  9. A two-man tent. Very grateful.

  10. Eeeuw, Carriecat.
    That is really nasty. The hair content reminds me of a bizarre photo frame which a year 4 child made for me. It was made from card and decorated with shells. OK so far you might think. However, it was then further decorated with clumps of hair which the child had cut off her own head!
  11. Apparently, I'm getting a car this year! Fantastic
  12. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    I always remind children I only ever want them to say thanks and how much I love hand made cards,.... but if they absolutely MUST get me something, I like anything that comes in a bottle.

    I received a bottle of Head & Shoulders... I'm completely bald.
    dieselhoney and Inigo_Jones like this.
  13. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    Oh I do feel sorry for you all, having to dispose of all this junk unseen. My children are always desperate to choose something for their teachers, and it's usually pretty desperate, so I always buy something of the bottle variety too (drinkable though!!). However, I don't really like to stop them or change what they want to choose as .... it's the thought that counts. So if it's my children you are receiving rubbish from, here are my apologies.
    We don't have bars of soap in this house so the hairy one didn't come from here. That one definitely wins hands down for the strangest ever present, ever, to anyone from anyone. I'm impressed you opened the toilet paper wrapping to discover what was hidden within.
  14. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    A bottle of badidas, were they trying to hint something?
    Also a truely tacky frog ornament to put on a flower pot, made all the worse because the <u>parent</u> excitedly waited around for me to open it.
    I don't mind though, it is the thought that counts and my daughter loves all the tat to add to the rest of the tat on her windowsill!
  15. At the end of my second teaching practice I received an a4 glossy photo of a child in my class, signed by said child. Didn't make it home with me either. So sweet though!
  16. I got a gift recently that comprised of a compiled list of my best 'sayings' over the last two years (the kind of things I say a lot) combined with a red stamp saying 'BOMBSITE' which is my best way ofdescribing a poor prep.
  17. The photo frame with clumps of a child's hair wins hands down!!! Haha! What did you do with it?!?!
  18. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    Feel so ungrateful, mean and cheated when I get a bottle of wine, cos I don't drink!

    Got a homemade fairy cake with a bite taken out last year from a Year 6!!!
    hhhh likes this.
  19. I just received a very thoughtful present - a box of dominoes - apparently because I 'liked playing Maths games'.This particular child had spent a lot of time choosing my gift, wanting to find something appropriate for me.
    Years ago, when teaching in a very rural area, I was presented with a brace of pheasants...!!! Didn't go down too well, as I was in my twenties, had never even eaten pheasant, and certainly wasn't up for plucking them. However, my parents were delighted to take them off my hands!
  20. Freddie Green

    Freddie Green New commenter

    Mine was....HALF a bottle of aftershave nicked from his dad.

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