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Strange Day

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Laphroig, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Laphroig

    Laphroig Lead commenter

    Yesterday, I attended what I had been told was an interview but, on arrival, was a day of supply. I was irritated because I don’t do daily supply but I stayed because I was relying on my daughter in law for transport.I enjoyed the school and had a very good day. I left with a job until Christmas, at least. What a strange way to go about things. Anyone else come across this?
  2. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    That's pretty common on supply - always expect the unexpected.
  3. HelenREMfan

    HelenREMfan Star commenter

    Congratulations on landing the job !!! I can see a good few positives about the experience.. :)
    Good luck with it.
  4. Dragonlady30

    Dragonlady30 Star commenter

    I found the world of supply to be very strange indeed. I had never been lied to so often nor treated like an idiot on a daily basis. This treatment came from the agency.
  5. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Congrats... odd way to do it but woo for work!
  6. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Supply teaching occupies a hinterland of its own. Look at any of the threads over on the Supply forum and you will soon understand this!
    agathamorse and Laphroig like this.
  7. Sundaytrekker

    Sundaytrekker Star commenter

    Well done, Laphroig. They obviously were pleased with you.
    agathamorse and Laphroig like this.
  8. afterdark

    afterdark Lead commenter

    You don't expect supply when invited for an interview. Nor should you.

    They were lucky you stayed. I would have said 200 quid for the day and if they refused I would have walked out.

    That is one way to describe it. Another would be cheap.

    I have heard of such a thing but there was no job offer at the end of their day. There was a bitter complaint about the school.
  9. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    I went to one job interview during which I was asked to mark some essays. So were the other six applicants. You might say this was to assess our skills-but did we really have to do this for two hours? I did get offered the job, so I assume it wasn't simply a plan for the department to clear their backlog of marking...
  10. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Did they pay you for the day?
  11. Jamvic

    Jamvic Star commenter

    It may be contentious but personally I’d prefer doing this to suffering through the usual day long, often tedious, interview processes.

    I think being observed throughout the day, in the classroom, with the students & staff, in the department, and around the wider school gives all concerned a much better picture of whether you are a suitable fit. It also gives you a more realistic experience of the school and how it operates on an average day. I do think you should have been told in advance that this was the expectation though and paid for the hours you were teaching.

    Then you would have lost out on 2 months employment. However, I do think a pre-agreed payment for a day’s work should be made to all candidates if this is how the school chooses to select staff.
    bombaysapphire likes this.
  12. Jolly_Roger15

    Jolly_Roger15 Star commenter

    Congratulations, @Laphroig! The usual experience of a 'supply day interview' is that nobody comes near you all day, or mentions the supposed 'vacancy', and then you leave, having given the school a free day's work!

    A variation on this theme is to be told, after your last lesson on a Monday afternoon, that the school is 'interviewing' four other candidates that week, so it will 'let you know'.
    Laphroig likes this.
  13. Laphroig

    Laphroig Lead commenter

    I was paid for the day but I reduced my rate slightly because of thinking it was an interview. I prefer that way of doin* things than the standard and boringly useless traditional interview.
    Jamvic likes this.
  14. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Lead commenter

    Not the same but reminded me when I first qualified, I stepped out of my age group (early years) and applied for a couple of maths posts. In 3 out of 3, I got called by the school and asked to do supply. Which I did. The 4th one I got the job as the only applicant.
  15. afterdark

    afterdark Lead commenter

    Tosh. You don't that. They might have bottled it.
  16. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    In a sense every day of supply is like an interview, insofar as your potential for future work is being assessed, often by the teaching assistants who'll inevitably report back to the Supply Manager. It's the reason why I always wore a suit on supply, but never in the full-time job.

    That said, it doesn't mean that what is billed as an interview has to turn into a day of supply.
    BertieBassett2 likes this.

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