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stoy cafe inspiration needed!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by hsz06rgu, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. hsz06rgu

    hsz06rgu New commenter

    Hi all,
    I am in the process of setting up a 'story cafe' for my reception class. The idea for anyone who hasn't heard of it, is that the parents come in for about 75 minutes towards the end of the day (we will also run a 'bedtime cafe' for those parents who work and cannot make the usual sessions). We share a story together, with either myself reading it or a guest storyteller. The main point though is that the parents then complete a craft activity alongside their child, based around the book. We then provide tea/coffee/squash and biscuits/cake for everyone afterwards.
    It's meant to be quite informal and is designed to get those 'hard-to-reach' parents in, to work alongside their children and to inspire them to go a little further with their storytelling then maybe they already do. Basically, we want to show them that sharing a story does not have to stop with the telling of the story. Gradually we will start to introduce key reading concepts with the parents in order to support them with reading with their children and make them feel comfortable taking stories a step further.
    Here's where I need your help - I need your book and craft ideas! I really want to make this as successful as possible and so they need to be inspiring stories with exciting (but simple as I;m not all that crafty myself!) craft activities for the after part. We want the children to all be able to take their masterpieces home with them and also for any of their brothers and sisters to be able to make them as well and so ideally the craft activity needs to be as cheap to resource as possible (we have 31 children, plus potentially 31 parents and up to 20 siblings)!
    Any ideas would be great!! Hopefully this can be a sharing thread for the future...
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Lovely idea!
    The hungry caterpillar - circles of gummed paper stuck in a row - draw on the eyes.
    Dear Zoo - draw an animal and make a lift the flap cardboard cage.
    Elmer - fill in the outline of an elephant with squares of paper.
    The tiger who came to tea - paper plates for tiger masks - draw your own stripes.
    Penguin small - toilet roll tube penguins - colour black, add a white tummy. Draw on eyes, beak.
    Brown Bear Brown Bear - collage your favourite animal
    Polar Bear Polar Bear - make a handprint peacock
    Pants - decorate the outline of a pair of pants with your own design
    Jack and the Beanstalk - plant a bean in a plastic cup
    I could go on...!!
  3. hsz06rgu

    hsz06rgu New commenter

    Oh, I love the Polar Bear Polar Bear idea.
    I find the craft side of things the hardest thing to plan for, so this is great. Thank you!

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