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story settings, year 3?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mulroym, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. mulroym

    mulroym New commenter

    NQT here who is a little bit stressed. I need to cover story settings before Christmas and I feel I am completely overthinking this and therefore getting stressed. Everything I have looked up online in relation to story settings seems to be over 3/4 weeks and involves lots to do with characters as well.

    I thought story settings were mainly focusing on what a setting actually is, understanding the features of settings and eventually writing their own setting for when they start to write their own stories. Also what would you regard as key features of a setting?

    I am just wondering if anyone has planning that is related to this and is simple! Ideally I am wanting to relate it around a Christmas story!
  2. newbie81

    newbie81 New commenter

    Polar express or the snowman are good to use. Watch the bit where the train sets off. Make a list if things you can see, hear, smell etc. Add in adjectives. Model how to create similes. Introduce prepositions: up above, all around, in the distance etc. Make word bank of others. Model how to take ideas and put into descriptive setting...up above, the tiny stars sparkled like diamonds while the fierce frost bit down on the town below. Etc. Could use personification too...in the distance the bright lights from the majestic tree danced gracefully against the dark night sky. Etc. Use the snowman clip either when he goes outside for the first time or when he us flying. Hope that helps.
  3. HappyTeacher2017

    HappyTeacher2017 New commenter

    I agree about the Snowman! :)

    Also, i used the "Night Zoo" storytelling videos on Class Dojo. There is one specifically for settings, only about 5 minutes long.

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