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Story session for interview year 1-Fresh Ideas needed!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pearl_1, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!On Thursday I'm attending my first interview. I have to do a story session (15-20 mins) for Y1 class. I think about doing Litle red riding hood.As an itroduction chldn will have to find puppets and different objects connected to a story and try to guess what the story might be about. I belive that most of the children know the story so I'd like to use the puppets to re-tell it but they get it wrong. Children need to identify the wrong parts (characters, setting etc) as a plenery I'd like to do hot seats but get children to think about questions as a talking partners first.Ad here are my questions:
    Do you think it sounds ok?
    Will I fit it all in 20 mins time?
    Is the whole class activity enough or shall I do some group work?
    What will be the learnig objectives?
    Would be very greatfull for any ideas/comments/suggestions.and do you think it will impress interviewers?or shall I do something more special?
    Thanks again for all of the answers!xx
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I'd stick with the noticing the wrong parts and so retelling the story correctly. Love the idea of having them look for the puppets and objects first.

    Individual work could be about them remembering the mistakes a puppet made and drawing a picture or writing to help the puppet remember next time.

    No idea about LO, I teach KS2. but I think there is one about knowing story language or something.
  3. inq


    Your lesson should ALWAYS start with the Learning objective and then find an activity to fit it not the other way round. WIthout a learning objective how are you going to assess the progress that the children have made and how can you provide any degree of differentiation?
    I'm sure Y1 children will know the story of Red Riding Hood. Y1 children do like puppets.
  4. Thanks Minniemix- great ideas for individual work
    You're right ing.with all that excitement about finding the actual activities i forgot about objectives and assesement.

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