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story ideas for reception/year1 interview

Discussion in 'Primary' started by haffy1984, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Hi, I have an interview coming up for a Reception/Year 1 teaching post.
    I have had quite a few interviews already and have been so close to getting the job....
    I really want to do something that's outside the box and different to wow the judges so to speak.
    I only have 10 minutes to do this.
    Any ideas would be gratefully received...
    There are so many options that I have already thought of but it's really hard to decide.
    Please help if you can :)
  2. Do you know if the class are working to a theme/topic and also do you only have to read to them for the ten minutes? They are half the way through the year so a really good book and not a run of the mill would be my preference. Some of my favourites at present are
  3. Could you tell the story rather than read it and use puppets and props. That way you will have eye contact with the children and find them much more engaged!
  4. Hi Pat,
    All I have been advised is to 'think outside the box' with the story.
    In the past I have read a story and asked questions to the children.
    I have involved props before , getting children to think of the story themselves.. the beginning, middle and end.
    I have also used a story sack.

    Recently I have thought about using music and a story and getting children to do movements to the story.
    What i am struggling with is having a relevant WALT in relation to the story depending on what I do.

    One of my popular ideas is using the book "Why Giraffe's cant dance" - having a hand puppet giraffe and african jungle music to start with and asking children to guess what the story might be about...
    then giving groups of children stick puppets of the animals in the story and each time the different animal dances they need to make their animal dance.
    The theme behind the story is respect... not laughing at someone because they cant do something.. in this case it is the Giraffe.

    The problem I am having at the moment is I have had quite a few interviews and I have tried many things and I am now trying to slimline my ideas and pick the best one for a 10 minute session which is not long at all....

    How do I do that though is the question??
  5. Hi SandyJohn, I have used a story sack before and used props in other stories.. which has worked well yes but sometimes the children get a little too excited.
    I was wondering how to get the children more engaged and involved really... I have replied to Pat's post above with the idea I have been swaying towards...
    any suggestions are all appreciated.
    Thank you!!

  6. If it's out the box you want you could arrive with a fabulous story to read to them (props optional) but you spilt your drink on it/ dropped it in a puddle and all the pages are stuck together. Or You could have a scanned in picture of the cover and then experience computer issues . Obviously you are extremely disappointed! Can the children help?What do they think the story is about? You could use cover information who do they think is in the story? Intro props And questions to each child ie where did the story happen , with alternatives for support and write the story they offer. It depends how confident you are re turn-taking but it's not without risk . Or (and this is safer) nick Sharratt 's story 'You Choose' which you could use for children to help you make up a fab story. Good luck eve
  7. Wonderful ideas eve I love them and will save for use later!
    haffy1984 if you only have 10 minutes then the walt needs to be something like the children will join in/share ideas/ say what they like about the story etc. On the Early Years thread is a lovely thread with a clip from Youtube https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/567328.aspx you can find it here. With 10 minutes keep it simple sometimes we over complicate things.
    Good Luck!
  8. I have come across this idea and wondered if I could get some feedback.

    It involves the book 'Giraffes Cant Dance' by Giles Andreae.
    I have thought about going into the class dressed as someone who has been on safari and met a Giraffe on the way who told me about his story of not being able to dance...I thought of having a puppet Giraffe whose name is Gerald with me and play jungle dance music to the children before and see what they think the story might be about.

    There are animals that Gerald meets along the way who can dance (these would be stick puppets given to the children, each row given a different animal - and when I mention the animals dancing they have to wave that animal and make them dance.)

    The children would be engaged with the lesson by using the stick puppets and making predictions of how the animals might help Gerald the Giraffe dance, thinking about how Gerald might be feeling too.

    I can link it to the theme of Respect... telling the children that it is a very important story as it's good to learn how to help and encourage others and not make them feel silly if they can't do something.

    I guess the WALT would be... listening to a story, making predictions, empathising with the main character.

    Any suggestions on this idea?
  9. kathd23

    kathd23 New commenter

    Please please help!!!! Ive got an interview next week for a reception class. Been told that its to be a story session, book of my choice and need to prepare some activities for the children to do but only have 10-15 mins.

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