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Storing Children's Learning Journeys...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by foresta, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. As it says - how do you store these - shelf unit , filing cabinet or what and where...
  2. As it says - how do you store these - shelf unit , filing cabinet or what and where...
  3. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    I have A3 sized scrap books as learning journals and I keep them in a filing cabinet labelled with the children's names in alphabetical order. They fit exactly into a foolscap sized suspension file. Although this year I wll be using 2 drawers rather then 1 as they became so heavy the filing drawer broke!

  4. Thanks! Like the scrapbook idea.
    Any more ideas..
  5. we use A3 sized spiral bound art books and store them in a plastic under the bed storage box with wheels on so it is easy to push in and out of the cupbaord each week to update and enable parents to view and comment on their child's progress over the past 6 weeks etc. We have 30 learning journeys to keep 30 nursery and 30 recpetion as we are an early years unit
  6. We started these last year. We use an A4 plain exercise book, which we keep on a shelf when they are in school. We were trying to send them home quite often, maybe every week, but found nothing was being done in them at home. So we tried sending them home every few weeks. We still have some children whose parents don't contribute to them at all. It seems a shame that we put so much work (and time) into these Learning Journeys, which in fact seem to only contain work from school. They may aswell take their school books home at the end of the year, as the LJ's don't show much of the journey from school and home.
    How often do you send yours home, and do your parent's contribute to them?
    Thank you.
    (That was a bit of a rant wasn't it? Sorry!)
  7. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    We don't send the LJs home, we share and discuss them with the parents once per term.
    I send a booklet home for the parents to complete about their child's interest/ learning at home once per term. When I first give them out, I attach a letter explaining to parents how to complete the booklet. I have made them very colourful and put them in a plastic booklet cover so they seem quite important. I received approx. 90% returned and completed.
    Once I have used them for planning, I staple them into the LJs.
    If you are interested I can send you the booklet and covering letter I send to parents.
  8. Our journeys are added to every 6 weeks on a rolling plan so a new entry for each of the 6 areas once a half term. The parents are asked to pop inot school to look at the jounreys with their child and write down what they ahve enjoyed seeing and what they will do at home to help their child acheive the next steps.Also every half term we hand out "Wow Did you know that" sheets and " At the weekend" sheets both of which if filled in are added to the journey so we have some input either way form home.
    Children sit with their key worker once every half term and look at all the observations made on them and then tell the key worker which obs they want to add to theie jounreys and why. This is a great oportunity for the key worker to see obs carried out by other members of staff and talk about the changes they can see in the past few weeks. At the end of the 5 or 6 terms in the Unit through nursery and repetion the child takes their jounrey book home as a record of their jounrey through theEYFS.
  9. littlestones, I love your idea of
    ' "Wow Did you know that" sheets and " At the weekend" sheets'
    it sounds a good way to involve parents. How do you organise it? (what do the sheets look like?)

    We share learning journeys with parents at open evenings & this year had a celebration day when parents were invited in during the day to share with their child the LJs & other recorded work - everyone seemed to really enjoy it (I even grabbed a parent who NEVER comes in, her son loved showing her what he can do!)
  10. If you drop me an email I will try and send a copy to you for you to ammend for your setting
    Littlestones [​IMG]
  11. Hi Littlestones.
    My email is clarecr@btinternet.com
    Thank you in advance.
  12. You have mail [​IMG]
  13. sjca

    sjca New commenter

  14. If you email me I will send a copy as I am going on holiday and will not be checking the tes site reguarly
  15. Hi please could i have a copy sounds a really good idea - involving parents can be difficult
    many thanks and enjoy your hols [​IMG]
  16. I think this has gone off topic - my main interest is in HOW these are stored rather than content, although the comments to date have been interesting and informative.
    Does anyone have photos of how they are stored...

  17. <img src="http://www.communityplaythings.co.uk/products/shelving/book/F777.html">
    Ours are an A4 exercise book and we store them in one of these, separated into three sections for each of our key worker groups. We put a picture on the front of each section of the shelf (the clear bit) of the keyworker and the colour of their group so it's easier for parents and children to find their own learning journey.
  18. Sorry here's the link:
  19. Ours are in something similar to these (ours are a cheaper version) :


    It's an ebay listing so may not always work but I can't find them anywhere else.

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