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Stories with historical settings - Year 4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by versitygirl, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. I loathed this unit when I had year 4... my class missed the point in the most beautiful manner going (the point generally went somewhere above their heads - they weren't the brightest bunch) and at the end they wrote their own work including the wonderful gem, "I'm sending you to bed now, I'd confiscate your DS but they haven't been invented yet!"
  2. enright1910

    enright1910 New commenter

    I have just finished this unit. World war two with short stories (all taken from the Lions Den). Kids have really enjoyed it and quality of writing was brilliant. I got this from the new 100 literacy hours by scholastic. It is £30 to buy but it's ideas for all units are fantastic and worth every penny! Also gives you most of the texts you require for all the units. The recounts unit also leads on beautifully as that is based on evacuees. Running alongside a topic on the war is perfect.

  3. Hi, I know this is a long time ago now but just wondering if you still have this, it'd be greatly appreciated as I am doing this unit on ww2 and we are having an evacuee day too!! Thanks :)x aliwinkthree@gmail.com


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