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stories which raise issues and dilemmas yr 4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kath25, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have any idea about texts/stories which could be used for this unit?

    Has anyone taught this unit yet?


  2. Does anyone have any idea about texts/stories which could be used for this unit?

    Has anyone taught this unit yet?


  3. Did it last year and use the DVD Robots looking at the part where Rodney left home for the big city the kids loved it. I have some planning somewhere...
  4. J25


    We used Journey to Jo'burg which was great for raising questions about race and segregation. The children really enjoyed the story. It also took in the idea that there are children in the world who do not go to school as they are not able to and that do not have enough food and water, medicines or many of the things that our children take for granted.
  5. redredred, loved your idea about the DVD robots! Can I be cheeky and ask if I could see your planning?
    thanks in advance.
  6. We used the story 'Zoo' and also 'Badgers Parting Gifts'. We also made links to our Romans topics and got the chidren to write a story involving a romance between a Roman and a Celt. Kids loved it.
  7. Thanks very much for the planning. It looks great.
  8. Has anyone else done anything like this with their class?

    Any more ideas/success stories?

  9. Whooopsie - didn't get time to tell you any of the texts before it somehow posted itself

    People suggested;

    The Suitcase Kid
    Journey to Jo'burg
    The Suitcase Kid
  10. We started with the story 'secret friends' by Elizabeth Laird. It has a really good message also very touching and emotional. We are now moving on to looking at the film Babe for a slightly lighter note.
  11. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    We read 'The Balaclava Boys' by George Layton, did loads of drama/role play etc.
    Now they are writing their own modern version where they are the main character and they steal something to be part of a gang.
    Using modern items like: Ipods, PSPs, Mobile phones etc.
    They are really getting into it and coming up with some excellent stories.
  12. Thanks everyone.

    I'm definitely reading Balaclava Boys in September. I have never read (or heard of) this before. It sounds very good. I have an extrememly difficult year 5 class next year.
  13. redredred
    I love using video clip in Literacy as it really engages the kids. Would love a copy of your Robots planning.


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