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stories set in imaginary worlds

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ucan2, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone

    I'm a final year student and i'm teaching this unit, ive looked at the framework and they suggest The Green Ship by Quentin Blake, and my teacher said it sound like the classes cup of tea, as the lion witch and wardrobe is a bit too hard for them.

    does anyone have any plans using the green ship they wouldnt mind emailing me?

    or do people think i should use things like roald dahl or alice and wonderland? as the class like watching video clips as well?

    Thanks from a very confused
  2. Hi there, I know you posted this ages ago but is there any chance you still have the plans and are willing to share? I am new to year 4/5 and have no idea where to begin with it!!!! Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hi guys

    Just started to plan for this unit. I'm an NQT and it is my first Literacy unit for my first teaching post and with Literacy not being my strong point I would love to have a look at what anyone elses planning looks like, just so I know I am on the right track!

    Any planning would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Would definitely recommend The Green Book (also known as Shine?) by Jill Patton-Walsh. Absolutely loved teaching this unit last year and the kids did too!
  5. choccietwirl

    choccietwirl New commenter

    I've used Leon and The place Between. There is a teaching sequence on this site for the book.
  6. Hi! I've just come across this post and am in a similiar situation to you, am in my final year at uni about to teach stories set in imaginary worlds year 4, just wondering wether you have any planning that I could read for ideas, help etc, would really appreciate it? Thank you.
    If so my email is ruth_1601_@hotmail.co.uk
  7. Hello,

    My first time posting here and just like everyone else I would love to see some planning for this. I am sure I could work it all out on my own but it'd be really useful to see that I'm not going way off the mark.

    Any help would be much appreciated. errr@me.com

  8. hie could i possibly have a copy of this plan, sounds great..

  9. Hi,
    I know you posted this ages ago but I wonder if I could have a look at some planning for this unit? I am in my second year of teaching and am struggling with this unit.
    Thank you.

  10. Hello Carole
    I am a year 4 teacher and currently planning for the stories set in imaginary worlds unit. I would like to use the Ice Palace and noticed that you may have plans and flipcharts for the unit - I would really appreciate if you could send me your plans to look at. Thank you.

  11. Hi Carole and Rita,
    I am struggling with this unit,I would also really appreciate it if you could send me your plans to look at. God bless!

  12. ecawemma

    ecawemma New commenter

    There is a unit already written for this which uses a great animated film called Hoverbike. It is free on http://emmarogers.org.uk/literacy-planning-texts/
  13. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I just can't resist but to post a reply.... The orginal post was 4 years ago! Gawd if someone asked me for my planning that i'd mentioned once 4 years ago, I wouldn't bother sending it to them!! Do a bit of research online if you're really stuck like the rest of us!!
  14. Hi Carrie,
    I'm going to be doing the Ice Palace next half term. I'd love to see your planning if you don't mind. piddy561@hotmail.com
    ha ha..just seen the last message! am new to this, didn't even look at the dates! Derr!!

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