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stories set in imaginary worlds

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ucan2, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Hi, i am about to start Imaginary Worlds - like the idea of the magic faraway tree, do you possibly still have the planning? could i be cheeky and ask for a copy? thanks.

  2. sounds brilliant could I have copy of your planning please? Was going to take class to see film Where the wild things are but cinema charging £4.50 each and coach £100 plus just too expensive straight after Xmas for our parents! could try Amazon for dvd!
  3. I know the original strand was a while ago, but I am planning 'The Ice Palace' into my Literacy unit and would like to have a look at that planning too please! Would you be kind enough to forward me the planning??

    Many thanks in advance

  4. Martin87

    Martin87 New commenter

    Please could you send me it too?


  5. Hi sorry to have to ask you again but would I too possibly be able to be emailed your plan for this unit? I have some ideas already but would like to look at some other ideas too! Thankyou very much!

  6. Hi There,
    Is there any chance you could also send me a copy. Many thanks. My e-mail is lucyalys@hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you

  7. I am also about to embark on this for the first time.

    I have looked on amazon at the types of books people are buying together and have borrowed 12 book sfrom my local library all Paul Stewart books (the far flung adventures look great and the blobs for less able readers) and also some Nigel Hinton Beaver Towers too.
    Like to plan as I go along but will let you know how it goes.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing! Would it be possible to email the plans to me also, it would be good to see some other ideas for this unit so I can start to get my head around it.
    Many thanks,
  9. Hi!
    Ive just been browsing through this page and came across your post! Obviously you sent this a long time ago but I was wondering if there is any chance that you have your planning for this unit still? If so, could I be really cheeky and ask for a copy of it. If this is at all possible, it would be very much appreciated as I am and NQT starting in the next couple of weeks, seeking some more ideas.
    If so, my email is lowri.edwards@hotmail.com

    Thank you! x
  10. Just browsed through this and can't believe that Rebecca's World by Terry Nation was only mentioned briefly once. I loved it as a child and have used it with several different year groups. My own daughter loved it when I gave it to her to read when she was in Yr3 and she is always making up stories based around it or re-reading it of her own choice!
  11. I would love to have acopy of your planning if you are still offering- sounds great using the iCT as thisis a whole school focus at the mo.

  12. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    What is happening to us? We are being bullied into presenting literature in an over-prescirbed way. Surely we're all familiar with most of the books named in this thread? And surely we are all aware of the otherworldliness of the settings of many of them?
  13. Is this aimed at me Inky? as you have replied to my thread
  14. Hi,
    I know you posted this thread a long time ago, but i'd really appreciate a copy of your plans. My email address is slightly embarassing ha, but here goes:
    Hope you don't mind, thanks in advance for your time and effort!
  15. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I hope people are atually rading the whole book to thier class rather than just a page or two picked out by a scheme.
  16. inky

    inky Lead commenter


  17. Is there anyone still about who would be as kind to forward me a copy of the planning? I have some great ideas planned but looking at some other planning would really help me. The children are enjoying the unit so far!


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