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stories set in imaginary worlds

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ucan2, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Anyone taught this unit? Which texts did you use? With so many to choose from I don't know where to start!
  2. Anyone taught this unit? Which texts did you use? With so many to choose from I don't know where to start!
  3. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

  4. Mixed year 3/4
  5. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Narnia, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Where the Wild Things are
  6. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    Depending on ability but Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe would be a good one. Narnia is a great setting and the children will probably like the story because they'll have seen the film.
  7. Thanks for ideas. I was thinking of Lion Witch and Wardrobe but haven't read it for some time so wasn't sure if it was suitable for this age. Will get the dvd too. Have already used the others suggested for previous work (have taught this class before).
  8. carriecat10

    carriecat10 Established commenter Community helper

    We did this last year and used the Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. It's quite a short story and easy for the kids to use as a model for writing their own. If you can get a copy of the book, I can send you planning which may help.

  9. Narnia and Harry Potter
  10. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

    Beaver Towers by Nigel Hinton - best I ever used for this. It's a bit younger and more accesible than CS Lewis, and has a good mixture of humour and scary bits. Sequels too.
  11. I've used a lot of what has been mentioned so far, plus The Green Ship by Quentin Blake.

    This unit is great for using video clips, I've used Narnia and Harry Potter.
  12. We used Muddle Earth and Bridge to Terabithia (which allowed us to do some PSHE on bullying at the same time)
  13. Carriecat10 - could I please have a look at your planning? I'm going to be doing this after Christmas with my Y3/4s and would love to see what kind of things other people are doing.

    forestcob@googlemail.com Thank you!
  14. glitterdustgirl

    glitterdustgirl New commenter

    We taught this last year based on The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, only we didnt ever look at the books - we used a 'visual text' - one of those £1 DVDs from Tescos! It was great and the kids LOVED it! The final outcome was their own story using the main characters but in a land they had created at the top of the tree. Throughout the unit they had a go at creative writing - making up interesting foods, describing settings, describing characters etc. Turned out well.
  15. Have just finished teaching this unit and loved it. Spent most of today marking my class's writing assessments and am really impressed with them. Most of my planning was based around the lion, the witch and the wardrobe and the Ice Palace by Robert Swindells (which I would really reccomend as it is a fairly short book and provides a really good model for when it comes to writing their own stories). Have you looked at the new framework because a lot of ICT comes into it. They suggest using photo editing software to get children to create their own landscapes with different atmospheres, This worked really well and really encouraged the children when it came to describing the settings within their stories. I'm more than happy to share my planning if anyone would find it helpful (although there is still a lot of room for improvement).
  16. I am teaching this unit after half term, would you mind if I had a look at your planning please tedmabel?

    My email is dmo1071985@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you!
  17. I would appreciate a look at your planning too - thanks :-D

  18. ng really topical. Selected excerpts from My Booky Wook. LOL
  19. Hello!! I am doing this unit after Christmas as well!! Please can i have a copy of your planning to?? Thanks!!


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