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stories linked to spring theme

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by giraffe77, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Teeny Weeny Tadpole, Tadpole's Promise (make sure you read it to yourself though - I was not expecting the end to be quite as it is) and Two Frogs if you're doing the frog life-cycle. My first week back will be non-fiction texts based on this theme - the children are so excited!
  2. Thanks giraffe77, they're great ideas!
  3. Hi,
    This may be of some use to you?
    Spring Resource Pack
    There are loads of resources to create an instant colourful display. As an added bonus this is on special offer at the moment too!!
    This product has an excellent range of resources including:

    30 x Spring designed book marks (5 x 6 designs)

    Spring border for display (print out as times as needed to create the correct dimensions for your display)

    10 x spring numeral display cards

    3 x large colourful month cards for March, April and May

    Illustrated spring rhymes

    23 x spring photographs - flowers, blossom, baby animals etc.

    Pairs matching game x 27 cards

    Writing borders

    Writing templates

    Large letter stencils to create the word SPRING (in daffodil design)

    20 x labels with spring vocabulary

    Spring display labels

    Acrostic poem sheets

    Anagram sheet

    Spring activity sheets

    Numerous early number activity sheets

    6 x bingo cards (in different spring designs)

    100 x first HFW displayed on 4 different spring designs

    Individual table top 1-20 number lines in different spring designs

    Spring counting rhyme

    This Spring pack is a great time saver for teachers, teaching
    assistants, child minders and anyone else involved in working with young
    children. You will be able to create an attractive display with the
    resources in this pack.

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