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stories/books about friendship for ks1?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by amber_19, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Hi
    The class i'm getting in September have a few friendship issues! I'm planning a mini topic on new beginnings and would like to include friendship in this. I'm searching for friendship stories which might be suitable for my year 2 class, I've only been in Year 2 for a year so my knowledge of appropriate books is still pretty limited! I've got the obvious Rainbow Fish but i know they did work on this in Y1. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions!!
  2. My personal faves are Beegu, Barry the fish with fingers and five little friends.
  3. Great, thanks for the recommendations, will check them out!
  4. Any more ideas please! [​IMG]
  5. Lost and Found and also Long Way Home by Oliver Jeffers. Both brilliant and fit your needs perfectly.
  6. Hi, I have put SEAL at the very heart of a Creative Curriculum - in Year 2. It has really helped with friendship issues etc. I have also written a book called 'Dealing with Feelings' ( Developing Emotional Literacy through books & stories)
    You might get some ideas from my website. www.super-school.co.uk
    We are about to start this year with a 'Sea' theme, using all the books about the Rainbow Fish. Rainbow Fish to the rescue, Rainbow fish and the big Blue whale, Rainbow Fish and the Sea monsters cave, Rainbow Fish finds his way, Rainbow Fish discovers the deep sea. We are also doing 'The Fish who could wish.'
    Sorry I have to get off, but will come back to this thread later tonight, with more ideas.
  7. Thanks timbos. I'll check out the website and look forward to hearing more of your ideas![​IMG]
  8. lumleylass

    lumleylass New commenter

    Hiya! Have a look at


    I've used this book loads with F/KS1 and found it really effective.
  9. I can see i'm going to spend a fortune on different books! bob3214 I love Oliver Jeffers books, last years class loved How to catch a Star, so i'll definitely take a look at those.
  10. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    timbos - I love your website, so many brilliant ideas - I'm definately going to do the marshmallow and spaghetti building!
  11. porker

    porker New commenter

    I use the online stories here for PSHE: http://www.childrensbooksforever.com/

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