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stories about fantasy worlds in year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by homckeever, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. that sounds good. i've never done that before. could you also send me your plan, would love to see some fresh ideas, :eek:)
  2. there is a plan for farmer duck on the hamilton trust web site if that is any use to anyone! Could be adapted to meet this terms objectives.
  3. sunshinelea you have mail xx
  4. thank you. :eek:)
  5. You have some great ideas for play based activities which I have really been struggling with. Could I also have a copy of your plan? Thanks in advance.

  6. More! It's about a little boy who always wants more and gets transported to a fantasy world where he can have more of everything. Of course he just ends up wanting to come home! x

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