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stories about fantasy worlds in year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by homckeever, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Hi, im in the middle of planning Literacy for year 1 & the texts for Narrative 1 must be stories about fantasy worlds. Has anyone used a book before that has been enjoyable, etc?
  2. Hi, im in the middle of planning Literacy for year 1 & the texts for Narrative 1 must be stories about fantasy worlds. Has anyone used a book before that has been enjoyable, etc?
  3. hi
    i was thinking of using these - well some of them

    where the wild things are
    rainbow fish
    tim ted and the pirates
    the night pirates
    the rascally cake
    angus rides the goods train
    naughty bus

    have you seen the other thread about this - i am sure there are lots more
  4. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    Im going to do my lit planning this afternnon, perhaps you would like to share your planning homckeever?
  5. For the first two weeks I am using Whatever Next! and Elmer. Have also used 'Where the Wild Things are', and Mr Archimedes Bath
  6. thanks to those who contributed useful advise, mancminx i will not be sharing my planning, well i may to others.
  7. have you decided what to do? i've got a two week plan but it seems to be the same old activities (doing finding nemo.first week; character profile, sequencing pictures of story a couple of video clips then second week, muddled sentences,story board.
    you got any new more exciting ideas?
  8. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

  9. like iv said before mancminx pipe down, your useless comments are not wanted
  10. homckeever have you managed to do your plan. have you thought of any inspiring ideas? i would love to hear about some as mine are just the same old ideas we do for every narrative topic. x
  11. Hi sunshinelea, no impressive ideas really, just going to use role/imaginative play, sequencing, etc. Going to pick books up tomorrow so can read text. xx
  12. How about the book Billy's Bucket?
    Lots of opportunity for drama and then writing.
  13. anyone any ideas cuz now i'm kinda stuck too :eek:)
  14. I'm starting off with Farmer Duck next week - post your e-mail and i'll foward my plan - will be writing a plan to help farmer duck, story hands to re-tell, alternative endings, speech bubbles, sorry letter from the farmer to duck.

    We are going to do Suddenly! the week after, then the Gruffalo and some work using the DVD of monster INc the week after, rather than a book.
  15. what is 'story hands'? i havent heard this before :eek:)
  16. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    ericag- please could I have a look at your farmer duck planning because I'm doing this in a couple of weeks and need some inspiration!
  17. dlw


  18. You all have mail.

    Story hands are were the children draw around their hand and basically re-tell the story by drawing a little picture/writing key words in each finger. They just help children develop awarness that stories are patterned and focuses on the 'events' in stories. They can be used prior to writing as a story plan too. I guess it's another approach of doing the same thing.

    'Charcater pocket's are another idea I use - this encourages children to make an indepth examination of a charcter in a fun way! You ask the children to think about the contents of a characters coat pocket and why. This promotes some interesting discussions!

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