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Stopping Breast Feeding

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by betsy66, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. I have breastfed for almost a year and stopped last Saturday. For several months I have only fed morning and bedtime. Just before Christmas LO self weaned off the night feed and has only being having a morning feed. On Saturday I decided to go cold turkey and stop. Haven't felt 'full' for months but was expecting a painful couple of days. Have been fine all week and yesterday started to feel a bit tender and today i'm very sore and lumpy. Just wondered how long this will last and when things return to normal. Thanks
  2. It should only last about one to two days. I found taking some paracetamol and having a hot bath helped a lot (especially putting hot flannels on your boobs!). The lumps will go down as the supply dries up. As you have BF for so long it might take a bit longer then it did for me as I didn't manage as long. Hope this helps :)
  3. I weaned my daughter off the breast between 6-7 months, did it really carefully, dropped one feed per week, no full feelings etc... and when I dropped the last one (which I had assumed would be fine) I was sore and lumpy and ended up in agony so went to doc - was on the brink of full mastitis but managed to nip it in the bud thank goodness. It will inevitably be uncomfortable and that's probably all that's wrong, but don't assume it can't turn nasty - I did and it meant I waited a week in a lot of pain before seeking help. Keep an eye! My boobs finally felt normalish after about 2 weeks (with antibiotics too) although in terms of size and all that they took about a month to settle properly.
  4. Thank you for your replies. Sorry you had such an awful time beachhut. I'm getting married next week so really hope they settle down quickly but are really sore today. My intention was to stop just after the wedding to avoid this. However, i've been ill for a while with gallstones and after a particulary nasty stomach bug last week and losing half a stone I really couldn't afford to lose, I decided I couldn't carry on. Very tempted to start expressing for a week and delay it but also noticed I have started to put on a bit of weight and don't want to lose it again!

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