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Stop Volunteering

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by sjw3915, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. sjw3915

    sjw3915 New commenter

    Had a conversation the other day with someone that volunteers to do an after school club. She was complaining about work life balance. I’ve worked in 6 schools in my career and I’ve come to the conclusion that this volunteering for a club - (unless it’s part of your 1265 hours directed time) needs to stop. Most people do it because they feel bullied into doing it and then it gets expected. In what other profession are you expected to work for free? “I do it for the children.” Heard that one countless times. With many leaving our profession because of a lack of work life balance it’s very short sighted of you! You make it harder for everyone else. Working for free devalues our profession and I’ve decided you’re part of the problem! Last year even out poorly paid teaching assistants were bullied into ‘volunteering’ to give their time up for free. It’s a culture that needs to stop. So if you volunteer to do a club for free, could you please be a little less selfish and think of the impact on our future teachers.
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