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Stone Cold and Skellig DVD

Discussion in 'English' started by d_sarfraz, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. d_sarfraz

    d_sarfraz New commenter


    Does anyone know where I can get the Sky One adaptation of Skellig and the BBC adapation of Stone Cold from?

    I desperately need tem before half term and can't seem to find them on Ebay!
    If anyone has any idea.. pleas coudl you let me know asap.

  2. cfh


    I bought Skellig from Play.com last week....hope that helps!
  3. We have the video of Stone Cold, but I don't have the facilities to put it onto DVD. Is there an easy (and cheap) way?
  4. d_sarfraz

    d_sarfraz New commenter

    Ahh yes thank you for the Skellig link!

    Re Stone Cold... I have no idea how it could be done.. Sorry

    Thanks anyway.
  5. I can probably help you out with the Stone Cold request. Leave your email and I will be in touch.
  6. Our dept has stone cold on DVD, don't know if it could be copied and sent on (don't think I'm allowed to say that).

    I bought Skellig from Amazon.
  7. Have talking book of Skellig is that would help. If you email me: emsy1848@hotmail.co.uk I can send it as an attachment (I think!) if not I can soon copy it to CD
  8. Could you possible help me out too? I would love a Stone Cold DVD!
    Thanks in advance :eek:)

  9. miss elainius, is that for skellig talking book or stone cold dvd? Only have Skellig I hould add! :)

  10. Sorry, should have been more clear. It's the Stone Cold DVD I'm after.
    Thanks and sorry for the confusion!
  11. d_sarfraz

    d_sarfraz New commenter

  12. Hi could I please request a copy of the 'Stone Cold' DVD?
    My email is : f.sheikh@live.co.uk
    Many thanks,
  13. lovely_lorz

    lovely_lorz New commenter

    Hey Farwah,
    Stone cold is now on youtube... here's the link to the first part..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj3e9XtRGbs
    Lau xxx

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