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Stomach pains in early pregnancy

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by jsjw, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hi. Hoping someone will be able to help. I'm only bout 5-6 weeks pregnant so can't really talk to
    Anyone bout this because no one knows yet. Yesterday I had a stabbing pain just under my stomach in right side. Pain been there today too but more if an uncomfortable feeling than a stabbing. Anyone else had this? Is it normal? I would phone midwife but don't have one. Booking in appointment not for another two weeks
  2. Hello
    If you are worried, get a docs appointment. I had very similar feelings, at a very similar stage and did that- had an early scan to see my little egg sac who is now an 8 month old child.

    Anyway, yes- pains in early pregnancy are normal- there have been many threads very similar (including one I started!) and can be due to all sorts of things- a whole little human is starting to grow so it is uncomfortable. It can also be due to consipation, implantation pains, growing uterus, a cyst (which goes on it's own!) I remember being in lots of pain at night, ugh!
    here is a very small chance of it being ectopic as it is a stabbing pain in one side- but mine was the same and it was a normal pregnancy. So, just to be safe go to the docs- you may get an appointment at the early pregnancy unit.
    As today it is only uncomfortable, I would say this is totally normal.

    Anyway, good luck with the pregnancy! x
  3. Thank you for that. Feel bit overwhelmed and finding hard that I can't talk to anyone who's been through it. I think I'll phone the docs tomorrow. Thank you x

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