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Stolen Resources

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by lostkitten, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. I share a classroom, which is also regularly used for cover lessons (moving classrooms) and since September I have lost countless scissors, rubbers, pens, pencils, sharpeners etc. from the room when I'm not there - I'm not sure if the kids are using them and taking them (there is an issue with lack of equipment in the school) or other teachers are accidentally misplacing them. One of the other teachers who uses the room has had the same problem. I have also had the problem once or twice of students having picked up one of these pencils and then claim it's one they have purchased from the school library (same type).

    Is there anyway to make these thinks less attractive to steal or more identifiable? I've tried tip-ex but that can be scratched off, I've also tried stickers but these are just peeled off.
  2. Unfortunately, I think you have to put it down to collateral damage. Schools are public buildings and you have no way of monitoring what people are picking up. If you really want to hold on to stuff, the best way is to keep it on your desk in the staffroom in a box and just bring it with you when you need it.
  3. I have heard of someone (in a science thread on this site) glueing 30cm rulers to the calculators that he lends / stores in his classroom. The glue is VERY strong.
    Since he started doing that, no claculators have been lost!
    In our school, there is no spare stationery - anything lying around is fair game for purloining!
  4. kittylion

    kittylion Senior commenter

    I buy a LOT of my own stuff for school and it does tend to trickle away. The only way I have found to stop the trickle from becoming a flood are the following ideas:
    Only have, say, 10 pens, pencils etc out in a tub and accessible to all. Put a sticky label on these and then sellotape over the top of the sticker. Yes they can peel it off but at least it stops those who take them by accident from doing so - also other children and staff may well see them doing this - and at least you can't lose more than your 10 items. It also takes a bit more time and trouble to peel off sellotape and stickers. With pencils you can actually cut a slice of the wood off and write your name on. I bought (yes - the b word again) a lot of neon yellow address labels and print them off on the computer - 65 to a sheet. I print my name on and a little picture - and it's amazing how they stand out around school.
    I wouldn't leave rulers, scissors, pencil sharpeners or rubbers etc out - they aren't absolutely essential - they can use any straight edge - and certainly don't leave glue sticks out - they are like gold dust. For all spare equipment and things like glue sticks, highlighters, crayons, felt pens etc - have a plastic toolbox (as large as you can fit on a high shelf or other out of the way place, or as large as you can afford and carry lol) and get one which you can padlock. Lock it and keep the key on you at all times. If anyone asks you for it, well for a start why should they be rummaging in your things, but if you don't want to be so blunt, look vague and say you're not sure where it is - they'll get the message.
    Lastly, if you see someone peeling a label off your stuff or around school with your things make one almighty fuss about it - even apply sanctions if you like, depending on the circumstances. Also make a big fuss about collecting in at the end of class - allow a few minutes and then say - there were TEN pencils and (if it's before break or lunch) nobody is going until everything is back in the tub/box/whatever. They'll soon grass each other up and then you'll be warned which ones to watch out for.
    The only thing I haven't tried so far is one of those permanent paint pens - they aren't very expensive but it's something else to "buy" yourself.
    You'll never stop it altogether but at least people will know that you are monitoring it and they won't get away with it as easily.
  5. barneystinson

    barneystinson New commenter

    I would see if you can have access to cabinet/draw which you can lock, and then put all of your own resources in there. Otherwise you're always going to get people taking them without asking.
    Or as someone else suggested, carry a box of resources around with you.
  6. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    We used our lazer cutter to engrave "stolen from the technology department" onto about a gross of pencils last year. These became trophies and were actually stolen in double quick time [​IMG] we live and learn.

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