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stolen purse.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ruthiemanc, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Just wondered whether any other primary school teachers had had any personal items stolen while at work and if, so what was done about it?
    Last week I had my purse taken from the classroom. We don't have lockers so staff keep personal belongings in their room, in their cupboards. The purse got taken on the tuesday, the head went around each class and did a very feeble 'has anyone seen anything' on the Wednesday. No one had, so I rang the police on the Friday after the head had tried to do it several times but couldn't get a response(?). The police can't do anything and the head hasn't mentioned it again even though I have. I'm really annoyed by this and don't know what to do next as I feel that basically the message the head has given to the kids is that it's ok to steal as nothing will be done (if it was a kid). Just wondered if anyone else had been in a similar situation and if so, what happened
    thanks x
  2. This is a horribly difficult situation. If a child has taken it (IF) then do you expect him to interrogate every pupil? Have you spoken to your class playing on the 'hurt and upset' front? Maybe someone could come privately forward or put a note on your desk if they suspect anyone? It has happened to a colleague of mine, she had £100 stolen. Fortunately the pupil who did it was heard boasting about how much money he had by some of the other pupils who came forward and told someone what they'd heard. We spoke to the pupil's parents who realised why he'd suddenly bought a lot of stuff and he paid it back (well, they did.)
    If you haven't had anycome come forward then I really don't know would could happen next. The police don't take 'petty' theft at all seriously and it's difficult to know what a head could realistically do without making all the children in the school feel terrible.
  3. I had my purse stolen from a primary school. There was £40 in it. A few days later, the head got the money returned back to the school, but no purse. She would not tell me who had stolen the purse. The purse did turn up some weeks later in a flower bed. A council worker found it, found my Donor card in it, and phoned the number. Needless to say, my Mam had a heart attack!! At least I got the purse back - it had photos and personal bits in, all still there.

  4. Oh, and the head would not let me phone the police!! It was a 'challenging' school, with equally 'challenging ' children. The head actually said that if I had had a better relationship with all of the kids, then it would not have been stolen! My fault then!!!
  5. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I hate not having somewhere secure to put my belongings. I do have a locker but it doesn't lock (?!) so I tend to put everything in one of the drawers in my filing cabinet, which also doesn't lock. I need to speak to someone, really; at the end of the school day all the doors are open and anyone could walk in, pretending to look for a child but really take the opportunity to go through our things. Particularly on staff meeting evenings. Remind me to take my bag with me tomorrow!
  6. I leave my stuff in the car. Shame really.

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