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Still Waiting to hear from Edgehill University yet it says there are "No Vacancies" HELP!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by CharlottePsychology, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Hi there, wondering if anyone can offer me any advice..

    I sent off my application to do the X100 Primary PGCE at Edgehill University on the deadline date (1st Dec) due to my referee only submitting my reference early on that date. (Yes this did make me panic!)
    So its now 22nd December, and on Track, its saying that my application has been sent and is being considered. However, I have just looked at Course Search earlier this evening, only to find that there are no more vacancies available for the Primary Course I have applied for at Edgehill.
    This seems like a major contradiction as I got my application in before midnight on 1st December. Please can anybody shed some light on this matter?
    I do plan to ring GTTR up tomorrow morning first thing, as I understand that Edgehill will now be closed for Christmas Holidays.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. What are you finding contradicting?
    Submitting an application does not guarantee an interview for a place on the course.
  3. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    Don't worry! From my experience (3 years applying for a pgce!) 'no vacancies' just means they aren't accepting any more applications and are still considering the ones that they have already received
  4. Thankyou quietlydetermined...that does put my mind at rest a little. I shall ring the GTTR tomorrow to find out what I should do.

  5. Because the welcome booklet says all applications received by 1st december, will be considered by their first choice training providers. How can applicants still be considered then, when there are no more vacancies? That is what I am finding a bit confusing!!

    And also, Im now unsure of what to do about my choices, because if it is true that there no vacancies at edgehill, I don't really want to wait until 19th January to be told that I have not got an interview, whilst during that time, I could have asked gttr to move onto my second choice training provider, which is University of Birmingham.

    Im so confused! :(

  6. Hi
    It probably says that so that people who have not yet applied are aware that there are no vacancies left at Edgehill and so they now can't apply. Edgehill will cosider the applications of all those who applied before the deadline but that does not mean that you will get a interview.
    With the interviews its basically first come first served. They have allready done a few interviews. I sent my application off last october and I had my interview in April but I was warned that I would be put on a reserve place if there were no places left. I have a few friends who applied too late (November and December) and even though they passed their interview, they were put on a reserve list because there were no places left and then they had to reapply the following year.
    We were lucky this year because Edgehill were able to take on an extra 25 places. I can't see that happening again next year what with all the cuts. My advice is that if you do not get accepted for next year then to make sure you apply in September next year as soon as it opens.
    Good luck!

  7. I also applied for the pgce primary at edge hill and got it in on the deadline. I haven't heard anything yet but I assumed whatever the outcome is, I'll be told either way??
  8. Hi Charlotte, I'm hoping my experience will help you!

    I applied on the 26th Nov and didn't receive anything in the post due to the snow, so me being impatient requested my track details via email. Thank god I did as I saw that my first choice said course full and my application had been sent straight to my second choice - has yours? If it has ring GTTR immediately, they were really helpful.
    I rang GTTR and they said that it was a mistake on the first university's part (a bug to do with modular and non modular choices!?) and that they were now going to have to temporarily withdraw my application and resubmit it. I had to ring both universities to explain but due to the weather there wasn't many people about, so I had to email them. I eventually got email replies after a few days saying they'll take my situation into consideration when they come across my application. This was all on the 1st December!
    I hope that it is just because they have received all their applications in your case, but GTTR did say that what happened to me does happen occasionally!

    Good luck with your application! All we can do is wait for their decisions now.

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