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STILL not heard, getting anxious!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lauralulu, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Has anyone else STILL not heard if you even have an interview? I applied to Sheffield Hallam on 17th October and I still haven't heard anything. Not knowing is freaking me out now! I feel like calling admissions and asking if they can say when they intend letting people know, but don't want to seem a pest! The uncertainty is making me super anxious though, am worried if they leave if much longer and I'm unsuccessful, I'll miss the chance to apply to my second choice as all the places will be getting filled while I... just... WAIT! :/
  2. nina_t101

    nina_t101 New commenter

    Call the admissions department, I hadn't heard anything form my uni and when I called them this morning they told me I had got through to interview but were just waiting to put me into a slot, then when I got home I had a letter. They wont think your a pest, thats what they are there for.
  3. I agree. Contacting them means you are keen! So get on the phone first thing Monday and ask politely about the 'progress of your application.' They can always give the standard reply - 'under consideration', but at least you know they haven't forgotten about you. If they have (as there is no deadline for them to respond to till end of January), it acts as a wake-up call!
  4. That's exactly like me Lucy- I am terrified about the maths (I had to have extra tuition from a private tutor to get my GCSE as I just couldn't get my head round it) and as it's been so long since I ever did it and I don't think in a mathematical way at all, it is the aspect I am most dreading!

    There will probably be quite a few admissions departments being called come Monday!
  5. I contacted Swindon this morning as I sent my application off about a month ago. They told me they were waiting for their allocation of spaces and expect to hold interviews in early January. Highly recommend getting in touch with your provider as it's put my mind a ease by knowing the reason for the delay!
  6. sparkleshine

    sparkleshine New commenter

    Since contacting UEL and being told that they don't interview until late December/early January I've been on tenterhooks. Just about to go on a week's holiday abroad though (booked months ago - the dates I'm away are listed on my app. Will have to check Track at an internet cafe every so often just in case I hear.
    I know providers are waiting for allocations but all this hanging on is killing me...I'm in a state of constant stress and worry because I never know when I'll get the letter. Just wish it was all out of the way. I'd be happy to have the interview now to be honest. I really hope all those others waiting for a response also hear soon.
  7. I phoned Bath Spa admissions this morning, after taking the advice on here, and the woman told me she had a pile of applications on her desk and was about to start inputting the decisions, so I'd hear in the next few days. I checked my emails on my lunch break (more out of boredom than anything else) and had one inviting me to an interview on 12th December. So, it's a weight off my mind to know I've got an interview after weeks of waiting and will now be a stressful 2 weeks leading up to it. It was definitely nice to hear someone tell me over the phone that I'd hear either way soon- even though it was stating the obvious- rather than waiting for an online status change!

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