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********** ...still banned ?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by avoca75, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. avoca75

    avoca75 New commenter

    I started the thread to ascertain whether any LEAs had rescinded the ban /blocks that were placed on the site last year.
    What I heard today made me feel very uncomfortable about using the site in future.
    I am not trying to spread any rumours and it is extremely difficult to confirm what is fact or fiction. However I feel it is very unlikely that LEAs would not only block the site but ban the resources from classrooms without a very good reason.
    I have not asked anyone not to use the resources, I simply asked for information so that I could make a decision about whether I could continue using them. That is all.
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    That is a very naive statement
    ********** is free to you because it is sponsored by advertisers and the company make their money from advertising etc.
    Unless you work for one of the LAs where ********** is banned you are free to make up your own mind whether you use the resources or not.
  3. Working within SWGL area I have spoken to people working for LA delivering courses / cluster meetings. They said the reason ********** has been blocked from SWGL is becaue if parent and students see the ********** log emblazened all over the school, they will think that it is a safe site to go onto at home, but as it has a chat room facility they would not like to have this as a site endosrsed by the county. The course leaders however suggested saving the downloads and transferrign via a memeory stick. I suppose if the downloads didn't have advertising to the site the ban may be lifted? But that doesn't seem fair for the company really. Indiviudal schools are able to lift the block by using various codes, etc. on the teachers login. However, the same issue arises!

  4. Elsie Teacher

    Elsie Teacher New commenter

    Thank you!
  5. This thread reads most oddly to me... there seems to be a lot of scaremongering without any actual information. I had not heard of any bans or blocks, indeed I installed the ********** toolbar onto a PC at work so we could get the toolbar users only content, and also my LA team actually recommended SB to us at a course.
    Then knowing nothing about this controversy I come on here and people seem to be fanning flames except I can't see any fire.
    If people think that the reason is that bad and is well-founded then why aren't they telling us what it is?
  6. If you do a bit of a Google search on it you can find various discussions on the subject, including the fact that several LEAs have banned it. I can not find any distinct reasons why however, apart from something posted in a thread from the beginning of the year on here, whether it is true or not is unclear.
  7. I have googled and have only found more of the same as on here

    I just don't understand why everyone is being so secretive. If it is that bad and it is true why isn;t it being shared?
  8. I think it is because what is 'known' is through heresay and rumours, and that to say would possibly led to libel problems etc. I am guessing here to be honest, as I have found it all very strange like you as well!
  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    It would be extremely unwise for individuals to posts the reason they have been given by their LA advisers/headteachers for the ban on any public forum which is why no one has done so, but teachers working in those LAs have been given an official reason why they may not display ********** products in their classrooms.

  10. If it's true then you have nothing to fear from libel law.
  11. This is what I was thinking, and also if it isn't true then surely these LAs should be fearing slander
  12. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    read the terms and conditions for using this site

  13. I did! This is what I got:


    An error has occurred on this page.

    Please try again or email us at webmaster@tes.co.uk. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Alternatively please try the following links:

    Visit the TESconnect home page

    Visit the TESconnect Resources home page

    Visit the TESconnect Community home page

    Visit the TESconnect Jobs home page

    Visit the TESconnect Site Map

    The rules are - there ain't no rules! Time to be naughty! and say what we like!

    To be serious, I know libel law and the role of the internet forum. I also know that if you are sure of your facts - and can prove them - you should feel free to state them. And if you are not sure you should keep your gob completely shut and not even allude to them.

    (when I say 'you' I mean the LEAs).

    disclaimer: I have no idea as to why some LEAs restrict **********, I have never heard any rumours.
  14. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    The part of the T&C that you couldn't find
    <h4>You agree to not use the Service to:</h4>upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any Content
    that you do not have a right to transmit under any law or
    under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as
    inside information, proprietary and confidential
    information learned or disclosed as part of employment
    relationships or under nondisclosure agreements);

    but if you really want to know the reason was posted two or three years ago ... yes this has been running that long!
  15. Is it relevant that only certain LAs have banned its use? Certainly haven't heard that ours has - there would be uproar!!
  16. Freya13

    Freya13 New commenter

    YHGfl has now banned the site. I asked for an explanation from SMT but never got a full one. Only some excuse about links on the site to chat rooms!!
  17. Curiouser and curiouser....I can't imagine what ********** could have done that was so awful??
  18. We've received the same explanation as freya
  19. What on earth can have gone wrong for LEAs to be asking schools to remove all SB products from classrooms?
  20. I'm tired of all this cloak and dagger silliness. Please can somebody state once and for all, WHY SB has been banned by some LEA's - with the REAL reason. If not, then I will continue to use the website. Thank you.

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