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Stieg Larsson.

Discussion in 'Book club' started by annie2010, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. annie2010

    annie2010 Occasional commenter

    Having watched the Milennium Trilogy on film, I am now keen to read the books.
    Has anyone on here read these, and are they better than the films?
    In my experience, books are usually better, so I prefer to see the films first - otherwise I get annoyed if things are changed too much
  2. Have not seen the films but quite enjoyed the books. There are whole sections in the book that just seem necessary to me but the main storyline was enthralling. Enjoy...
  3. Haven't seen the films, and I don't think I'll bother. There is so much story in each of the books, the films would have to be about 8 hrs long to have any chance of getting half of it in.
    Loved book 1, found it absorbing and gripping from the first page. Book two was a bit of a filler, but still a good story. Book three would have been a lot better without some of the conspiracy theory and political history lesson. I flicked through a lot of pages, and didn't miss any story.
  4. Have read the books.
    I am not keen on seeing the films - I cannot imagine at all that the complexity of the books, the thoughts of the characters, etc, can even be remotely conveyed in a film. The films would have to be longer than the LOTR films and even they were cut short!
    I loved book 1, found book 2 the hardest of going, totally got engrossed in book 3.
    Lisbeth cannot ever, in any film, be portrayed as I know her, in my mind, from reading the books. That is why I do not want to see the films.
    She is special. Very.

  5. crezz1

    crezz1 New commenter

    I have read all three books and seen the first two films.
    Absolutely loved the books from start to finish - read them on holiday in Canada over three weeks.
    Have now picked up the first two films which are really quite good!
    Agree with CQ though - no-one but NO-ONE can play Lisbeth - she is your own mind's eye creation - the girl in the films does a really, really good job though - no problems with that!!
    Just enjoy - and don't skip chunks - they really are a good read from start to finish!
  6. I'm new here and just saw this thread. I loved all the books (including the superfluous bits about the furniture she bought from Ikea!) I really enjoyed the films too but was glad I'd read the books first. The story is great but also the characters are so compelling - the nasty ones are really nasty and the good ones are strangely interesting.
    When I was reading the second book it seemed like everywhere I turned other people were also reading one of the books. They have led to some very interesting conversations with complete strangers (somewhat like this).
  7. I read all three and enjoyed them. I doubt it would trouble me much if they left bits out of the film as I can't remember much of them already !
  8. I read the books before I watched the films. I admit I loved them all. The books can be a tad wordy at times and there's lots more detail in them than compared to the films but I do think thatyou get a better understanding of the characters from the books.

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